Disappearing audio/Note ignore

Hello, I think I’ve encountered a bug.

Procedure in this case :

  • Select a couple of samples (3 for example)
  • Create a drumkit from these samples so u have 1 instrument containing 3 samples
  • Create a basic pattern, each sample on a different track (so this makes 3 tracks with note data)and place a couple of notes on the exact same position
  • Go to Modulation tab, create a new modulation (lets use AHDSR)
  • Assign it to 1 sample, the other 2 not affected by modulation
  • Go to Effects tab, create a new fx chain and assign it to the sample with the modulation on it

Here is where I get strange results such as :

  • When reproducing sometimes the audio of track 1(containing the notes of the sample with the modulation and fx chain) disappears completely
    / when u solo track 1 audio comes back
  • When reproducing some notes get ignored who share same position of other notes on a different track.
  • Even when u disable modulation/fx chain on sample, notes who share same position still get ignored.

I hope it is clear enough…I can deliver RNS file, but I will need to transfer it first from a different pc.

This is not a bug , it is the way the new instruments + effects chains are designed …you should play them on the same track …
As soon that the instr. effect .is added to the instrument …it only has one output …thus placing notes acroos multiple tracks will cause problems …
A solution to this problem would be the ability to select an output , thus we can place our notes on any track we like and audio will still be routed to the selected output
There is a special topic about this .

Ow gosh, I thought I had everything read/searched.
My bad, sorry for the cluttering.