[???] Disappearing "Song Comment".


I don’t know what is going on in my songs, but I noticed my song comments disappearing from time to time. What’s going on?



Do you mean that the actual text in your song comments get erased somehow?

Or simply that the song comments do not automatically show when loading the song? (Which can of course be toggled on/off in the song comments)

It sort of disappears from the box, but to tell the truth, I’m not quite sure if it’s not just my fault: I might have saved a song as another version of the original, but the actual contents of the original comment box hasn’t been saved along with the new file (it really is there in the original file). Anyway, it’s not about the toggling of the box on/off, which works just fine.


Now I got it! I switched to Jack to render a song (that screws up my sound a little, but that is quite a different matter, I guess); I did render the song; I came back to it, and… NO SONG COMMENT! (Precisely, the very comment body is missing!)

Maybe it’s not necessary any more, right?


Artur :walkman:

Hi there,

I did! It was just the render function of Renoise; I had to switch to Jack in the preferences window because typically I use ALSA. (Just the sound driver issue, not another app.)



I`ve lost song comments too - while saving later vesions of a tune. This is pretty annoying cos its all of my notes about settings and adjustments!

Some tools do (mis)use the song comments to store tool data. Maybe that’s related? Renoise else does not really fumble around with the comments.

Would be great if we could get a few more details about that - find out how to replicate this issue - then check what exactly causes it.

artzien: which tools do you have installed. Can you replicate the issue by doing what you described above?

This happens every time I save a new version. Gonna uninstall all of my unnessesary tools and get back to you.

Easytune, Convert notes in… and Guru are staying!

Topic’s kind of old, but just wanted to say, losing comments when you save new versions happens to me too and is very annoying. Didn’t know it was form saving a new version of a song, though. I ended up on this thread because I just lost a whole lot of necessary info for a project. Hopefully the devs address this in a future version

It must be one of the tools you have, cos this doesn`t happen after my tool cull