Disassemble Scsi Cable


Not necessarily the best place to ask this, but can I disassemble cable like this:

from other end (lower on the picture) and use it with new internal SCSI cable with 3 basic connectors, replace 1 in the end with that connector?

Here’s also the connector from behind:

Tried to find some info about this, but could not find any. Looks like connectors could be opened, but I don’t want to brake it for nothing.

Or is it better just to order this IDC/Centronics -connector somewhere, suggestions for a place with low price & (no) postage fees to europe?

Project here is to add internal HDD on E-mu ESI-2000. I hope the power supply has enough power for floppy & HDD. IDC/Centronics is needed for external ZIP drive for backups + sample transfer.

why would you need to disassemble a cable. what would you do once done? change the connector?

Excuse my language, I tried to explain clearly :)
Point here is to get cable like this:

so it has 1 extra connector in between for HDD and replace 1 in the end with original cable connector.
Original cable only has 2 connectors.

Just buy a new cable.

Any ideas where I could find cable with 2xIDC50 females & 1xCN50 female?
I don’t think those are very common? and have no idea where to look (yes, I have tried google). 3xIDC50 cable I can get quick & cheap + original CN50 is custom and fits E-MU back panel nicely.

Use an adapter?

Hey, I did finally found proper (division?) cable:

it will cost 13€ with postage, which is 20% of the samplers price… I will order it next week, if no cheaper solution found.

Now dumpster diving for power cable connectors… ->

Those click-together ribbon-cable connectors are a piece of piss to connect half way down an existing ribbon. I don’t know how fussy SCSI is about lengths and loading though, or exactly what you are trying to do with it…