Disclaimer: Goes around in circles. Totally loopy

I am not even going to apologize for linking such a loopy track. I will say this, for what its worth, “this beat has some pretty cool pattern command work.”

Btw, there are vocals in this, I think you have to listen to 8 or 16 bars before you hear the first vocals.


I am considering ie thinking about, “maybe, maybe,” making a house track. Basically this track, and what is on my SoundCloud, is my continued experimentation with pop beats.

This track is 99.999% Renoise. I dropped a 24 bit render into Cubase to maximize the volume, and dither down to 16 bit… Other than that “pure Renoise.”

Which is why I am not sorry it is so loopy lol, I know it just goes around and around in circles.

Oh that arpeggiated bassline, is a synth rendered to sample…

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Loopy speaking, very nice especially the voice and the bassline groove; good work!

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback

Native American vocal plz. But, yes… :slight_smile:

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