Discography Plugin For Facebook Page

some of you may know that I am besides the music also a developer, and I would like to present you a new app I wrote. It might be interesting for those who have as an Artist/label/band a FacebookPage and some releases listed on discogs.com.
The tool is called “Discoggy” and is a discography plugin for your Facebook page and gives an great overview on all your releases including important details (cover, title, label, year) and offers for every track which is digitally available a MP3 preview and the possibility to buy the MP3.

Main Benefits:

  • no data entry, no maintenance of the releases, no track upload: the data of the releases will be loaded from discogs.com automatically, the MP3-previews will be loaded from MP3-stores like Amazon, Beatport, Juno, etc.
  • no administration: all updates like new releases will be loaded automatically
  • recommendation/wallposting of every single release possible
  • etc.

You can have a look at the app and if you like install it to your page here:
Discography Plugin
An example of the label Broque is shown if you click on “Discography” on the left side or click here for an image.

Feedback is always welcome :)

Awesome, great work Cie!
I haven’t yet got a public artist page, but started a temporary one now just to test it out. seems to work well, except i got a few “null. null. null” messages on a couple of my releases. let me know if this is some kind of bug you aren’t aware of and i’ll give you the link.

also, would be nice with support for cover images directly mirrored from the Discogs releases. maybe part of a future update plan already?

another thing, maybe it would be an idea to add a “loading…” message, as it takes a few seconds to load the app.
people might leave before it finishes. if possible.

anyway, great stuff!

Thank you very much, Denim :)
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Yes, the link would be very helpful. Are the null values shown in the tracklisting? Some people forget to remove some empty track-entries which then will be saved by Discogs. And then shown in Discoggy, but to filter them out should be no problem.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can not retrieve the image-url of a release of discogs.com; they forbid it (do not know why… maybe due to bandwidth/legal reasons).
If they somewhen permit it, I would do that of course.

great idea, on the todo-list, will be done if possible :)

Will try this out, am interested in seeing how easy it’ll be to combine multiple monikers to one page :)

Ok, it’d be nice to be able to display more than 10 per page.
“TrackAppearance” is, of course, informative, but it would’ve been nice to have the trackname.

Thanks for using! :)

So you want to have more than one artist/discogs name to be shown?
This is not possible yet, but should be soon.

The first one is technically not possible unfortunately.
Displaying the trackname instead of “Trackappereance” would cost too much performance, because to resolve the trackname of the release a second request to discogs.com is necessary.