Exciting news for those of us who believe in the existance of space. :)

I think they should’ve taken some more colorful members on the crew though. Where’s the emo girl that will cry about all the beautiful debris going by her window and demand that she be let out to touch them? And the hot-headed commander who refuses to go back to Earth until they find the allan wrench they left over from last time.

Thomas Reiter, the german astronaut lives in Wahnbek. What’s funny about that? Well, he lives around 500 m away from my parents’ house.

And I am the owner of

come on, add atleast a pic of a local trashcan or something :)

Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to land the shuttle close to home. :)
And I don’t think it’s CGI. What I think is that Jim Henson is still alive, and that he has taken that Outer Space thing from muppets to the next level!

Don’t have time to finish :)