Disk browser can't see folders/files in external HD

I can click on my external hard drive as a volume in the disk browser, but it doesn’t recognize that there are any folders or files in there. I have all of my samples in various folders on there, can’t access any of them. Anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks!

Not with that little information.
What’s your operating system?
Do you have access to other files on your external HD?
Does your external HD make grinding and/or clack noises?
Have you tried getting access on another computer?

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OSX I can access all folders and files on the external HD, except thru renoise. My ableton user library is on the external HD, it accesses it just fine. The HD doesn’t seem to be acting up at all. But per renoise disk browser, nothing is on the HD.

Perhaps an Apple problem. I don’t know, I’m on Windows.
But your external HD doesn’t make any unusual noises and works just fine?
And you can literally see all your sample files on your external HD if you access your folders outside of Renoise? If yes, are you sure you chose the right path getting access within Renoise? There is one path for instruments and another one for samples. Do you have access to these samples via Ableton?
What kind of samples do you use? Wave, MP3, something else?
Can you see your folders at least if you’re trying to get access via Renoise?
If you haven’t tried getting access on another computer, have you tried another HD?

Thanks for helping. No, the HD isn’t making any unusual noises and it’s working fine. I can access all folders/files from finder (like windows explorer), I can play WAVs from it, etc. I have access to all folders/samples from ableton. I use WAV files. The weirdest thing is that Renoise won’t even recognize that I have folders on the external HD, let alone files in those folders. I’ve tried accessing the external HD volume from songs, instruments, samples, and other. In each option, I can open the external HD volume folder, but once opened it shows that there is nothing within that volume.

I appreciate your help on this. Do you know, is there another, better way to get renoise devs’ attention on this, other than posting here in this forum?

Could maybe be permissions issue? Have you checked user permissions on any of the samples you’re trying to access? (not just the folders, but individual files themselves?) Would be my first guess. Had a similar issue on Windows with a new drive after I plopped all of my samples on it from another system. Changing permissions cleared it up for me. Might be worth checking into.

Thanks for the idea. I checked it, I do have read and write permissions.

Ok, so your external HD is working fine and you’ve got access to all of its content from the same computer except within Renoise, which doesn’t recognize anything, not even a folder. You are on Mac using wave samples and all settings are fine. As a non-expert I assume it’s a Renoise-Apple problem. Have you already tried to reinstall Renoise? What’s your Renoise version? Is this the first time you’re facing that kind of problem?

Of course. You could write a message.
Or you could ask directly just like this: Hey @taktik, do you know what’s going on here?

Yes, I have now uninstalled and reinstalled v3.4.2, and I’ve tried v3.4.0, and the same result - renoise can access the HD, but it shows there’s nothing on it. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried using renoise, my setup was different when I used it last. I don’t think I’ve used renoise previously while using my current external HD.