Disk browser enhancements

Songs in .xrns can be opened in disk browser like a tree of samples, and so can instruments. This is awesome! But songs consist of more than samples; being able to rip a xrnt out of another song would be already really awesome, subtree that in .xrdps so you can instantly copy another songs distortion on the kickdrum track? Priceless.
I would also definitely enjoy (and I know many a user would), to be able to rip .xrni instruments out of these .xrns “directory structures”/hierarchies (get layered drums copied at once, etc).
All this would definitely improve renoise workflow immensely, as you won’t have to save song 1/load song 2/save instrument x/load song 1/load instrument x.

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I clicked this thread all skeptical, thinking to my self why would anyone bother with the browser? But yeah, that would be great actually. Don’t have to organize a perpetually outdated directory of dsp chain presets when I could just access that one track where I thought it sounded good and grab it straight away.

I was about to reply that actually the instrument ripping is already there. But it isn’t. (I don’t know where I got the idea that it was… maybe it’s such an obvious thing to expect in renoise Disk Browser.)

So +1, definitely. Would be super. Super super, actually.

You can ripp the samples from the song when you have checked the Instrument radio button and expand the xrns files in the diskbrowser.
I personally considered that pretty confusing as in that regard you do like to load the whole instrument and not just drag the samples from the file.