Disk Browser Filename & Type Sorting

just a tiny little but useful thingie!

in those folders on my drive where i have several xrns’s in the same dir,
i also like keep rendered wav. previews of the songs, with the same filenames.
it’s very nice to have right next to the song, so I can quickly prehear it before loading the
actual renoise file. But in Renoises’ disk browser (with the “view all file types” button active) xrns files are always listed first - collected together - and THEN the other files are listed.

i’d like it very much if it could be optional to list them this way,
because i’d rather prefer it this way:


… easier to find and prehear stuff :)

good option would be ‘sort by size’ as well…

Isn’t this implemented already, with the right click in diskbrowser, ‘sort files’ context menu? Or do you mean something else?

Right click -> Sort Files -> Size