Disk Browser: Remember Last Selected Parent Directory.

In the Disk Browser, when one opens a directory and goes back to the parent directory, then the directory listing starts with the first entry of the parent directory.

It would be sweet for browsing big directory structures, if Renoise would remember the last selected entry of the parent directory for easier file browsing.

What do you think?

yes. also, it would be pleasant to make renoise remember which tab you were on in the disk browser (i can safely say i load Samples more than Songs. yet it always defaults to Songs. and going to Samples takes such a long time while it churns through my drive)…

It does doesn’t it? Are you using Global View Presets to bring back the view of the Disk Op? What you have seleted in the Disk Op is saved with the preset if it’s visible in it. Clicking on the Disk Op tab or setting and using a keyboard shortcut to show it will go to the last view.

hmm… If I save a song, the default chosen disk browser tab is not saved. I don’t use global view presets - but might stoop to making a combination "global view preset called " PLUS scripted upper,middle,lower frame visibility edits, if there’s absolutely no way of accessing a disk browser tab via scriptin’.