Diskop - Auto Populate File Name Field


Definitely not the highest priority on the never ending to-do list, but nevertheless I hope the following small performance tweak can be implemented one day.

When saving samples out of a song from Renoises instrument list using the disk op, you always have to fill in a name in the empty filename field before pressing ‘save’.

It would be handy if the field would automatically grab and update the name when clicking through the samples in the instrument list.

By the way, I’m aware of grabbing samples out of a zipped .xrns, but think this functionality would be handy in the disk-op.



I think Renoise need a big usability improvement update. Focus has been for a long time in “big” issues, I can’t recall any major advance in handling the program. Improvements are always so “small” that other things go before them. It would be great to announce one update focused solely on the usability and easeness of use.

  • a lot
    I’ve also noticed that many really necessary and obvious improvements suggested here won’t get implemented. I fully agree that Renoise needs a full release aimed to improve usability.

The problem with “usability” is that everyone has a different opinion on what that is.

For example, I remember a thread that suggested to make the GUI more like Modplug Tracker because Microsoft Windows’ default GUI widgets are cleaner and self-explanitory due to them being standardized across all native apps. The argument is reasonable, it’s the same concept in OSX land for Cocoa apps, but I’m against it without any clear reasoning other than “lame…”

If what you meant to say is “an update dedicated to little tweaks here and there”, then yes I can agree to that.

Well, rephrasing into “an update dedicated to little tweaks here and there” is not very far-stretched. In fact pretty close what I meant.

I meant the things generally people can agree with, like auto completing filenames, some automation editor action, shortcuts for advanced edit, maybe some new ways to use old features etc etc… Anything that makes workflow any closer to filling the definition “a breeze” and the program pleasure to work with.

I guess there is a kilometer long list of improvements and suggestions somewhere in Renoise developers’ datajungle, it might not be impossible to populate a list of those from there. Or start a community project here on forums to gather information in one thread. For example.