DiskOp file sorting

a simple suggestion:
I have the same directory for all my modules I ever made, and in this folder there are MOD, XI, IT, WAV and RNS files.

ReNoise DiskOp shows *.rns file on the bottom.

I think it would be better to move them to the top.

ok, done

how about highlighting different kind of files?


What about FastTracker-feeling then?

erm… yeh, that would be nice… i aslo asked about expanded envelope editor…

Agree it would be nice with disk op window at the bottom. I like the idea of showing the disk op and the scopes at the same time. But I still would like to have instrument settings and dsp settings open at the same time when previewing samples. So I have a (controversial) idea… :huh:

Let’s steal half the pattern view (4 tracks) for disk op. That would give a much longer file list plus more space for future buttons to the left in the disk op. And the disk op button could stay where it is above the scopes. How about it?? :)

Johan :
I like your idea. the whole patternview would be much space for a browser …