Diskop In 1.27

I simply don’t like the new “diskop” design in 1.27, the old fast tracker-style was much better IMHO… maybe it’s just a question of getting used to it, but i’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and still have to wonder why my samples don’t load up… 'oh, yeah, I have to change that thing to “sample” instead of “song” '… and the foldertree is just as useless :angry:

well, actually I just wan’t to know if I’m the only one with this problem :D

I’ve suggested to taktik to automatically switching to “sample” if one tryes to open a sample while in “song” mode etc. I think this should solve what you describe.

The old was fasttracker style?

This is exactly what I used to say when tracking in ft2. …and now I get to say it again. ;)

My main problem, besides the 'oh, yeah, I have to change that thing to “sample” instead of “song” '-part, is that it doesn’t show filesize and the small window.

By the way, Martinal, the abbility to load a sample or instrument in song mode would be great but I don’t think you should make it possible to load a song in sample or instrument mode because this would open for phrases like “Oh no… what happened to my 4 hourse unsaved song? God damn stupid Renoise!!! I didn’t mean to load a song you stupid shit, etc…” …you get my point. ;)

Two words: Confirmation dialog.

Ah, slaps his forehead yes. Didn’t think about that. I really should try out this “think before you speak” concept… :)

There was a great design improvement for the DiscOp someone suggested, where you have a dropdown meny where you select sample song etc.
Instead of small buttons that you hardly see which one you have selected.

I don´t understand why you removed the ability to see the filesize?

Another dropdown meny I miss is the sort by, date, size and name.

/me votes for filesize

it’s a shame that when I want to boast myself with people, saying “what you’ve heard it’s saved into a 24kb file”, I have to open Windows Explorer :rolleyes:

Well, I decided to skip the filesize and sorting thing as all would get very tiny then. I further didnt like the “dropdown category” chooser instead of the radiobuttons, as newbies will not see this dropdown menue at once. The current solution with the radiobutons is much more obvious and therefor easier to use for people who havnt used renoise since month.
But of course this isnt the last word. There is always room for improvement.

That did not cross my mind, either you are right on that dropdown or you under estimate the users. But its hard to under estimate a user :rolleyes:

I remeber another way of selecting, where you hade two small arrows pointing up and down next to the field. With these arrows you could scroll up and down between the categories sample/song etc. This is not as fast as a dropdown meny but might be more obvious.

during the days of ft2 there weren’t any long filenames. well now renoise LFN support, maybe a little re-design would be good?

it’s much better than the old ft2 one, while retaining the familiarity. for the moment i would be content with a horizontal scroller, because i tend to nest my samples pretty deeply.

Try rightclicking a directory. That sets the base directory for the tree.

It does not have to become tiny if you have adjustable view sizes for the filename, filesize and date. Like in when you select show detailed information in the file open dialogbox in windows.

For me it would be very useful to be able to sort by date and to se the filesize…Untill later I can allways sort by date in another file browser…

You can also move the divider between directories and files…