Display What Notes Are Pressed Even When Not Recording

I think it would be very helpfull for newbees and also experienced if there where somehow displayed what
notes are pressed even when not recording.

Would make it much quicker to learn the where the notes are.

Notes history:

Would also be cool if only the notes that you have been pressing would allways be recorded into a separate history dialog.
Without any timing between them, just the chords/notes.

I often jam something when trying an instrument, change instrument and forget what I had been jamming since I dont look at the keyboard I play, .perhaps I make a cool chord progression and later I forget what it was, because
it was not recorded.

Since I do not want to mess down the track I´m working on.

In many cases it would be very handy with a historybox that would allways only save, lets say the 100 latest notes and chords played (together with what instrument) in just a long list.

Perhaps this could be done with scripting.

about note displaying: the only displaying which is currently available in on the virtual piano keyboard in the instrument editor: if you press PC keyboard keys to play the currently displayed instrument, its piano keys will appear to be pressed on the virtual keyboard. Unfortunately this same view does not work for MIDI input. Nothing really helpful, I reckon, I am just telling in case you didn’t know about this feature and may be of some help for you.

Sure i know about this, and have since my FT2 days back in 1996 ;)
However I was thinking about something showing the keys or just the notenames while in the pattern editor view.

I swear I saw it wasn’t you the author of the topic, otherwise I would have never dared showing you such an obvious FT2 heritage :)

Better telling to much than to little :)