Displaying notes as well as frequency in the spectrogram


Currently the spectogram displays the frequency at the cursor position. I think it would be neat if it also displayed the note nearest to this frequency (maybe even with a little > or < symbol!)


Yes +1

This shouldn’t be very difficult. The equation to calculate pitch from a given frequency is:


assuming that you’re using the status-quo 12-tone equal temperament, and a reference pitch of A4=440hz; Renoise does by default, without letting you change it…

EDIT: I forgot to include that the above formula gives the pitch in MIDI semitones, from which it is simple to derive note name e.g. 60 = C4, 61 = C#/Db4, 71 = B4, 72 = B5 etc.

Would love to see this neat little feature.

Or like this visualizer?

Note that this is not a frequency spectrum, but bars that responds to what pattern data is played. One step closer to a piano roll. Never mind :)