Displaying The Start Of The Patterns In The Sample Editor

so, i’ve been recording some guitars in renoise as of late. got this little idea of some kind of a “pattern break mask”. (i think it can come in handy for other things than audio recording as well)

here’s the scenario: i record me playing the part(s) repeatedly without break (let the reel roll, yo!) until i feel that i must have atleast one take of it which is good enough. i always add a little countdown pattern with 4 beats and loop over that and one or more patterns repeatedly and try to play as relaxed as possible. i often wind up with quite a bit of audio data to sift through and the countdown pattern (the audio silence, that is) must be removed or 09’d.

ok, so here’s what i would think would be neat for handling long samples in the sample editor:

[i]a toggle option to show vertical markers which indicate where patterns start. a way of making exact selections with these vertical marker lines would then make editing like “copy to new sample/instrument”, merging and punch ins etc. very efficient i think!

i imagine it could be pretty convenient for cutting up drum breaks, correcting untight hits and for quick determination of the imported sample’s bpm visually as well.[/i]

a little example as to make it a bit clearer: looping three patterns and inserting an “anchor note” with the new audio sample at the start of the pattern like below. (ph34r my sick paint skillz! :P)

1247 me.JPG

would give this in the sample editor: (added the cyan coloured lines which would indicate end of the loop as well here btw)

1248 se.JPG

maybe there’s a good way to do this already and i’m not aware of it. if so, please enlighten me! :>> edit: would this be possible with scripting btw?

I love this idea.

would be great if the mask also showed the pattern numbers somehow.

You see the top right hand side you have a checkbox and dropdown list? You can set this to Beats, which will make it a bit easier to cut a small section exactly of X Beats in length (length of your dummy pattern.

Not ideal but you can also play your sample at the start of your dummy pattern, Render song with only that Track to get it exported as a Wav file with Markers at the start of every Pattern. Now you can set the earlier mentioned dropdown selection to Markers and easily select any one segment of exactly a pattern length.

Not perfect but hopefully at one of these hints at least helps your workflow a little…

hi! yeah, that’s how i roll, and don’t get me wrong, it works quite ok as it is! this suggestion is just what i would find making multiple takes even easier. (=

+1 for idea

+1 for that sick theme :P