Disquiet Junto

For those who are not aware:

The group is open to anyone and is a highly creative challenge that I would recommend to any musician. More info: https://soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto

My last two submissions were both made completely in Renoise.

The current assignment is still open until Monday at midnight:
Please record the sound of an ice cube rattling in a glass, and make something of it.

Here is my submission for it:


I recorded ice in four different cups using my Tascam DR-40. A mug, a wine glass, a tall glass and a plastic cup. I cut up the sound file and rearranged it using Renoise to create this track.

The previous assignment (now closed):

Here is my submission for it:


I had already decided that I would not have time to participate in the Disquiet Junto this week as I am still dealing with a lot of post holiday things. Somehow this morning I found a couple spare hours and started tinkering with the tracks in Renoise. Everything fell into place very quickly. The individual tracks were chopped up for interesting pieces that were then resequenced and effected using Renoise. For those that are curious the original Renoise file can be downloaded at newkirk.biz/schemawound/disquiet/

Thanks for this post and I will surely check this out. I am always looking for new project/competition scenes mostly because I think the assignment/deadline aspect gives me motivation to create and complete. I also really like this idea of having forced restraints. One of the great things about computer produced music is all the possibilities. However, I have found that endless possibilities can be an impediment to completing a track unless, at some point in the process, I make the decision to limit myself to certain sounds techniques etc. Having these limitations predetermined should be an interesting/fun challenge.