Disquiet Junto

Thought I’d give another shout-out for the Disquiet Junto, a weekly audio project run by Marc Weidenbaum

“The Disquiet Junto is a group I founded on Soundcloud.com. The purpose of the group is to use constraints to stoke creativity. Each Thursday evening I post a clearly defined compositional assignment, and members of the Junto are to complete the assignment by 11:59pm the following Monday.”


I’ve contributed a few times. My latest is here: https://soundcloud.com/neurogami/cradlegrave-disquiet-junto-192

What I like about the Junto is it’s an excuse to make music I might not otherwise have attempted. This recent one is not that far off from what I tend to do anyway, but one nice side-effect is that in putting together a piece I’ve generated a number of possibly useful fragments (riffs, samples) I think will be fodder for other music.

On other cases I’ve ended up making music that to a fair degree isn’t “my type” of music, but doing it was informative nonetheless.

I encourage Renoisers to check it out and take a shot at contributing.

Sounds fascinating. I wonder why I haven’t heard of this sooner? I’ll have to check it out sometime!

One of the things I like about it is that it’s a way to bang something out without concern for how “finished” it is. There are deadlines, and I’m still not going to devote a Thursday through Monday on it; I decide to put in some time but not get obsessive.

Knowing that I need to have something a feel OK with releasing after X number of hours pushes me to make some decisions and move on.