Distroyr (free Vst Distortion)

Distroyr is a free stereo distortion VST effect which features a range of different algorithms which effect and generally distort the incoming audio, depending on the settings you can have analog sounding warmth to your sound to very heavy clipped and crushed sounds. There is a total of 7 different distortion processes including feedback, signal clipping, bit crush and valve distortion to effect your sounds.

Download it free

Enjoy :yeah:

I like the GUI. Very nice looking!

I am guessing you made this… What did you program it with?

Thanks, i was looking for more distortion units recently. Will give it a try. :)

The GUI is the work of KVR member Grymmjack and the plugin was probably made with Synthmaker.

Thanks guys i hope it is usefull, yeah Beatslaughter is right, this ones SM, i also use SE but so far all my releases are made with SM :D

What a great little plug! Been trying it out and getting some great warm sounds out of it. Thumbs up ++

Thanks, hope it is usefull :D

thanks i will cheack)
Becouse i dont believe good GUI)))
I must try it becouse distortion for hardcore is a main effetct)

maybe you could contact Taktik to add your code to Renoise built-in effects?

He says this was done in SynthMaker there’s probably not much chance of being able to import this into Renoise. SynthMaker does not actually export sourcecode for you, it just compiles the design to a VST which is ready-to-use.


SynthMaker does however have a custom code module which you can insert your own algorithms into, so perhaps AtomSplitter has written the distortion algorithms himself and simply used SynthMaker as a wrapper to handle parameters/programs/gui/etc.? I’m really not sure about that part.


Brilliant plugin!

oh, Cpu heavy, yes… but quality is everything, right?


cheers, sounds good!

The warmth of this plugin has a pretty exceptional quality for a Synthedit plugin.
It is definately a form of sound-quality shaping that I miss in Renoise.
So if you have developed the algorithm for warming up the audio, i would definately recommend offering it to Taktik to embed this as an internal effect.

The distortion itself actually does not really impress me that much, but i haven’t fumbled with it too much either to be honest.
But i definately going to use it to warm up canned audio.


It’s very similar to SynthEdit, but it looks (and seems to sound) a lot better in my opinion. Still has the higher CPU load which you can expect from these types of things, which is a pity but not a total deal breaker. If I were in the market for this kind of tool I would definitely be using SynthMaker myself.

more dept in the lower tones as in the renoise distortion makes it well suitable for vocal distortion. maybe I will try to use this on our next song I just recorded.

I like the clip, makes it also very suitable for hard drum effect.
e.g. distorted snares or a hardcore bass drum.
with this you can really clip your sample but still be able to control the subtility, may even make the use of a compressor unnesesary at some points.

the valve is very subtile, but together with the overdrive this really pays off.

Shortly said I it.

Hi everyone, thanks, i have released an update, the update should lower the CPU alot when controls are at 0/off so you may want to check that out :)


Very nice plug, cheers!
I’ll try it and give feedback here soon.


Great update m8 ^^

Good thing
And i try dune delay
But Dune delay want many resources((((

Thanks, All my plugins currently require SSE or SSE2 to run if thats what you mean, dune delay will be getting some updates and i plan to lower the cpu if possible with that. :D

Nice freebie,

Thanks a lot Atomsplitter!