Diving straight into the beta?

I picked up Renoise a couple of days ago and decided to use it to get back into making electronic music. Been quite a while since I last dabbled in that (Atari ST/TT when I was a teen/fresh tween), so I’m pretty clueless, but eager to learn. I also bought FL Studio a little while back when it was on sale, and Reaper, but the tracker approach clicks better with me (I also prefer the compacter, cleaner interface of Renoise).

Anyway, I downloaded the 3.00 beta and fiddled with that, but I’ve been wondering if that’s what you guys would recommend. Would it be better if I went with 2.8 instead, for now? Most videos/tutorials I’ve seen are not for 3.x, but I didn’t have major trouble figuring out where stuff had moved to or how to get to it. The manual is also for 2.8, which is a bit of a bigger issue (as are tools). Intuitively, I’d just stick with the beta and learn with it, but I wanted to tap your minds – and say hello. :)

I’d say that 3.0 is made of the same “bricks” of which 2.8 is made, yet has whole new foundations, so you could still refer to the 2.8 manual if you don’t get the meaning of something.

probably 3.0 is a bit more complex in the instruments part, but its GUI is much more consistent and easy to use, expecially if this is your first time using Renoise.

I would probably go straight into beta

Thanks. :) I’ll stick with the beta then and just learn to find my way around. It’s my first experience with Renoise, so either version/interface is unexplored territory. Is there a rough estimate for how long Renoise betas usually stay in beta, or is it a “it’s done when it’s done” deal? Mostly curious when there might be an updated manual for 3.x.

“it’s done when it’s done” is our motto :)

it really depends on how many of the new features some users have proposed will be added during beta cycle. I cannot tell you anything about it since, although I am part of the team, I don’t have access to the insides and I’m not physically in the office.

if none of the proposed features will be added, a rough estimation based on previous versions could be March