Dj Hero Turntable As A Controller Within Renoise

I’ve been thinking on and off about how neat (and accessable) DJ hero controllers are, and how they could probably be used very creatively within renoise. Like a giant jog wheel to scroll through samples, and obviously for scratching samples.

I was on youtube and saw that Kutski has indeed gotten it to work in Serato. I’m wondering if anyone else has put any thought into how a DJ hero controller could be useful within renoise?

I don’t perform live, but I know many folks do with Renoise, and I can’t believe that nobody would be thinking about how affordable a DJ hero controller is, or how userful it could be. Just a thought… has anyone ever hooked a DJ hero controller up to Renoise? If so, what were you able to do with it?

For me, I think I’d set it up to scratch (I haven’t really thought too much about this), and I’d make one of the 3 buttons grab a cue point, one mute the scratch, and one… who knows… do something else. It just seems like such a creative and accessable tool. Just an idea. =)

(Edit - that link may be a fake, but the controller works on PC, just not sure about the crossfader. Even still by mapping the wheel and buttons it would still be a cool controller!)

i don’t know dj hero, although name is funny.

however, with my behringer bcd3000 it is pretty easy to setup control to two instances of renoise - left side for one, right for second one…

about stratching and so on, well,

i think it can be difficult without realtime pitch/stretch functionality in renoise.

but you can always rewind the song :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yeah: