Dj Vadim - Kill Kill Kill (plugexpert Rmx)

Couldn’t upload my submission before the deadline yesterday :frowning: , here it is anyway:…rt%20rmx%29.mp3

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downloading… will comment once it’s jacked in ze lapbox…

by the way, just got the Lomechanic compilation disc…
fukkin love your tracks on it, mate! nice job!

Is that a Jamalsky vocal? I don’t know the original track, but I’m loving this version.

The smooth and jazzy “vadim” vibe is apparent to me here. Pristine mix, vocal cuts are on point! I’ve been thinking about the idea of cutting vocals instead of drums, I even suggested it in #irc to Trepain that he do it instead of cutting amens for his latest work in progress. Not only did you beat us to it, but it’s done fare better than I imagined.

Excellent stuff.

I love it how the introduction suggests all kinds of things, except that
what is going to come. Very nifty vocal cuts indeed, gives it a groove
of its own.
Also like the way the track builds in intensity, very gently developing
the beat and whatnot. Very nice work man!

indeed superb! as always!
keep it up.



wow. cool indeed. don’t get me wrong the vocal fx is really ear candy but just a bit to much in this song imo. perhaps also give them more velocity changes to make it even more playful. rest feels smooooth. some sort of climax would be nice. ending is killer.

Holy shit! AWESOME track. I absolutely love the bassline! The vocal cuts are awesome … I felt like I was listening to an awesome scratch session - not that they really sounded like scratches, but more in the sort of overall impressed feeling I was getting. I agree with pilot7, however, that at times I felt I wanted a little break from those vox cuts and then just focus on the underlying beat and ambiance …

… which is great BTW. I really love the juxtaposition of the smooth ambiance with the rough and tough vox.

Again, really great track. This one’s going on my HD. Keep up the great work!

botb: “by the way, just got the Lomechanic compilation disc…
fukkin love your tracks on it, mate! nice job!”

thnx man! (old tracks, glad you dig)

Conner: “Is that a Jamalsky vocal?”

nope, some french rapper whose name I don’t know. The vocals in the samplepack were in a different speed as the supplied beatloops/samples -> so pretty hard to fit in / finding the right bpm. Eventually I just cut the large vocals into little snippits to get it in some kind of sync with the beats :) So it wasn’t actually a beforehand thought out plan to do it this way.

Cut up vocals is nothing new or original, I think guys like machinedrum did this years ago with the whole glitchhop trend (not that this should stop anyone for cutting up the vocals :).

cheers for the listens & words.

Just wanted to come back to this thread an let you know that your version’s bassline has been stuck in my head ALL DAY today. :slight_smile:

That bassline is sick as hell.