Dj'Ing Midi Controllers / Serrato Itch Software


I’m investigating a mixing set-up for future live work and inspired by this guy:

…am curious about the midi controller option. He’s showing a Vestax VCI-300. Anyone familiar with this unit in combination with Serrato Itch?

Are there better (cheaper) options?

there are a lot of options and also big differences in build-quality & “feel” of the console.
i think reeloop has very affordable models with very good quality to them. they dont feel like a plastic toy like some others do with still a pricetag of 200 - 250 euro on it… i am especcialy liking the newest model “dj 3” which felt like a very sturdy piece of is designed mostly with traktor pro 2 in mind, but should be usuable with any dj-program.

vestax has a name with reliable and sturdy turntables and especcialy the mixers. i have just played about 5 minutes with a vestax dj-controller though i can’t make my mind up about it quite yet hehe but i’m guessing this brand won’t let you down.

Thanks for the tip on reeloop, never heard of that brand. I will be traveling to a special dj shop soon and try out all the options.

two of my friends have bought reeloop dj-controllers in the last few weeks… one bought the mixage interface edition for 260 euro and the other bought the jockey 3 m for 550 euro. after having played about an hour with both i am pretty impressed with both (y)

You could check out Native Instruments Traktor. There are a handfull controllers fully compatible but it’s fairly easy to map a midi controler to all the functions. I’m working on a map for my Akai APC40 for instance :)