djnick deetronic - Pandora's Box (2012) - psy trance edition

djnick deetronic - Pandora’s Box (2012) - psy trance edition

Renoise Rulz :)

I don’t like about 99% trance, it looks like the genre has evolved considerably from the early 1990’s because the beats, tuning and clicks you presented were a far cry from the numbed boring thuds of my teen years. I thought the imagery & visuals presented with your track gave more of an intrinsic feel and flow. I totally enjoyed the hell out of it! :w00t:

Thank you, Jacitm. I agree, I also don`t like 93% of Trance I can listen randomly from various online radio stations. Just some of them are good and most are boring and annoying. I for example respect Melicia a lot [brother and a sister] - very unique, I like that beat. But I am also more into DrumAndBass & Electro.


Just to add - I’ve just put my song on iTunes: