djnick deetronic - you are beautiful

Hi guys

Here’s something from me again:

djnick deetronic - you are beautiful (2012) - progressive trance

All comments are welcome :)

My kind of track. Love this style :yeah:

Bravo susjed B)

I am not sure if video is more trippy or creepy. :ph34r: Not so much my style but nice sequencing anyway.

Thank you :) I’m glad you like it. Hvala momak mlad :)

Good comment, he he :) Well this is the song I’ve started in 2006 [in my beginning of discovering Renoise] so finally found some free time to finish it and created video quickly to make song a little bit more interesting visually :)

Nice :yeah:


Thank you. Well I dont see a point by releasing xrns as the song is created mainly using vst instruments and vst effects, not much samples…