Welcome to the Open-Source Linguistic Smorgasbord. The highly-acclaimed documentary, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, lays the foundation for the DMTRMX project by offering its media library (interviews, b-roll, visual effects, music and sound files) via a Creative Commons license for the global community to examine, remix, share, collaborate and learn collectively. In turn, DMTRMX becomes the model for the evolving four-part MYTHAPHI Manifesto. The tetrad proposes new ways of being for humanity through consciousness, nature, celebration, and creation of a meta-mythology.

Comprised of artists, curious travelers, mystics, philosophers, scientists, and a variety of other change agents, we aim to hack the endo-matrix of life. These sophisticated storytelling voices guide the dissemination of the memes generated from The Spirit Molecule’s anthology, and foster the core tenets of the DMTRMX project:

Non-competition Clause
Education as an on-going, non-commodified process, a result of inexhaustible curiosity.

Creativity Premium
Novelty sought outside the capitalist model, a non-profit think tank.

Symbiotic Relationship Development
Allow mind and language to flourish by redirecting inquiry to ever-novel guidelines.

Environment Reorientation
Rediscovery of our interactive instincts within the life force of the planet.

Fascination Retention
Generate and sustain childlike wonderment, and resist culturally imposed obstacles of intellectual development.

Information Materialism
Avoid the tendency to consider all information as property. Share and share alike.

Adaptive Mind Democracy
Activism towards the goal of directing thoughts according to a future liberation of the mind.

The ideas that follow are tentative in nature, and designed to open new reality tunnels. We don’t seek to solidify truths, but rather enhance our collective ability to communicate with nature and beyond. DMTRMX remains a work in-progress, and we invite you to peruse a plethora of curiosities and help pry open Pandora’s Box.


The CODEX serves as the education interface, and presents a multi-disciplinary database of knowledge for the community explore the question, “What is reality?”. By enriching the cultural dialogue of consciousness through interactive edutainment, DMTRMX merges science, spirituality, and philosophy. Through the intentional use of our seemingly unique mental faculty of consciousness, we can collectively reflect on our surroundings as well as refer to ourselves as a distinct part of the environmental realm. And as the result of an increasingly complex self-awareness, language allows us to share the nature of these contemplations into the externalized (and internalized) informational realm.

Language and consciousness exist as symbiotic partners. However, language does not control consciousness, or vice versa. It becomes impossible to imagine one without the other given their intimate relationship in humanity’s evolution. DMTRMX accesses a variety of collective knowledge systems to initiate a multi-dimensional language system and evolve our understanding of how language facilitates the interaction between mind, experience and meaning.

Language operates on many levels, and goes well beyond visual/auditory language. It exists inside-out and outside-in; consider conscious/unconscious, body language, Sign/Braille, dress codes, time, numbers, music, taxonomy, periodic table, maps/navigation, landscapes, brands, underground, and computer languages. Language instills our values, behaviors, and thought processes that govern all facets of life. CODEX allows our community to generate a new collective memory by deconstructing/reconstructing our traditional symbol sets, and birthing meta-realities that reflect on our communal knowledge with more abstract methods.

Hesiod’s Theogony (800 BC), the first mythological remix, became the blueprint of Western culture, and serves as an ideal example of the possibilities. Hesiod’s Divine remix rearranged many traditions into one myth for societal transformation through Pattern Alignment / Focus, which we aim to mimic on a much broader scale.


The RMX environment keeps synapses sparking with media explorations from the Archetype [DMTRMX Anthology], Emitters (hand-picked curators/partners), and Organism [Global users]. Although ignited with The Spirit Molecule’s library, the collection grows as the community interacts and adds their story in relation to the content. Let’s ask ourselves, “What forms of communication can we develop?, What is the nature of truth? And how does a version of any story affect identity, perception, and ultimately response? The RMX section and the DMTRMX project as a whole, treats language as an abstract living tool, or interface to link ideas, referents, and words in indirect ways.

RMX begins to unravel the symbiosis of the quantum, physical, and the spiritual plane that exists between the two. Communicating invisible phenomena obviously has its challenges, but let’s map our five (and beyond) senses, emotional states, and conscious awareness in relation to force and motion, reciprocal action, resultant force, inertia, and so on. To help open the doorways, we seek inspiration from many phantasmagoric codification systems, including Visionary Art, Alchemy, I-Ching, every major religion, esoteric knowledge, and much more.

We can predict with a fair degree of precision the dynamics of energy and matter, but the subatomic and astronomic levels become far less predictable and quite counterintuitive. But because something is “unknown”, it does not necessarily imply that it is “unknowable”. Our conceptual models and cognitive abilities may be inadequate to render the complete workings of the universe. Or, maybe we have not evolved beyond a certain threshold of consciousness that would facilitate understanding the Great Mystery. Whatever the case, the universe continues to open its secrets to us. It takes willingness on our part to clearly, and intentionally interact with it.

A story’s veracity can only be activated by an audience, and thus, community engagement plays a key role in the DMTRMX experience, and we encourage academics, hobbyists, philosophers, prophets, mystics, and utilitarians to be the lunar force influencing the wave of change. Manifest Feedback Encouragement, an open source upgrade as a healthy mechanism for enlightenment, and influence systemic change through transmedia interaction to reclaim our personal and collective narratives.


The MATRIX showcases the interactive architecture of the project, and recognizes the Internet as a literal and metaphorical reference to the collective consciousness. It serves as our narrative backbone, a bio-information superhighway with pulsating electronic bits of knowledge opening new relationships between mind and technology. Consisting of an active Forum, Maps (Data Visualizations), and User profiles, the MATRIX serves as the platform to influence the story in real-time.

DMTRMX opens a portal to escape the linear storytelling of a single documentary [DMT: The Spirit Molecule] to evolve and influence systemic change. And in this transmedia mythology, our spiritual self plays the protagonist following the hero’s journey for salvation. Study and assemble new juxtapositions from the media and knowledge, and bring forth a Renovation of Inquiry and Metalingustic Evolution. Create films, music, installations, paintings, eBooks, or anything imaginable through exploration of new ideas. Manifest Transcendental Modification. Hack Open Source Reality. Become a Spiritual Alchemist! Follow your instincts instead of rule-bound applications. And finally, allow mysticism, wisdom and practicality to exist in harmony.

Remixed with Mathias Lorenz (The Energy Language)


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