Dnb Basses?

Cool thanks everyone i will check them out when i have some free time :D

If you want to get decent subbass you need to understand the principles involved a bit more…

Basically at its essence a sub is just a low frequency sine wave. The best way to make your stuff rumble is to generate a sine in an audio editor and import it into renoise as a sample. Load this as a seperate instument and get it to follow the bass instrument you have already playing… high pass the existing bass instrument and you will clear up the low end and get some power down there.

Hope this helps

For a ragga bass hit sample, just get any old bass sample with a filter envelope and reverse it. Then with your sub (which should be a straight sine wave as stated above), give it a decay that falls to zero. The decay on the bass, because you reversed it, becomes a real nice slow attack, and the idea is that as the sub fades out, the bass comes in, kinda crossfading real quick.

Just to add to wormjar’s sub comments, generate it at 440Hz and this gives you a nice sub you can tune to A as your base note (not sure of the octave). Generating a square wave and low passing the bejeezus out of it can also yeild nice results, if you want a touch more warmth.

Thanks for the tips there really helpful, i have sub basses sorted now then, anyone got any ideas about reece basslines though, is it the same sort of method required? Also with the sub basses any ideas on how to make them sound like wom and wob when they hit? i read its about filtering but i tried a lowpass with a cutoff automation rise at the start of each bass but it’s nowhere near the result i was after so i think theres probably more to it than that, if anyone has any tips or examples for those that would be amazing, im nearly at the point where i can sequence a whole track in renoise, what i currently do is set the bpm to 180 and export each section/pattern then re-sequence it in acid and apply extra edits. I find this works great for breaks so im sorted on the beats side of things. I plan to try some whole tracks within renoise soon though. :)

my favourite way to get wom-wob-wom-wob out of bass samples is to play two instances of a bass sound (sines are good for this too) simultaneously with one of them detuned very slightly. if you load 2 copies of your favourite bass instrument, you can create a pattern where you’re playing them together with one of the samples detuned up to 10 cents. you could render this out to create a wom-wobbier bass sound to then program with, or you could write the whole part and then add a second instance of the part being played by a detuned copy of the bass sound.

if you take that bass tone and run it through lofi-mat or distortion you get dirty dirty bass… :yeah:

Cool thanks i will try this :)

For talk on Bass techniques, you should have a read over at www.dogsonacid.com

It is the best place for this sort of chat. There are a lot of guys like the MMORPG guy from the south park episode on there though.

Its good, but be warned.

Thanks :)