Dnb Basses?

Hi, i was just wondering could someone be kind enough to show me how to do new style DNB basslines in renoise, I can make standard patterns but what i wanted to do was keep the notes held on some parts but get pitched up and down, i still havent worked out how to do it, the beats i have got sorted with my combo of renoise and sony acid :drummer: But the basslines im still having trouble with, and also i still need to work out how to make decent sub basses, i have some good samples but they don’t make my speakers shake the way i hear on some tracks and just sound dull, maybe i need to do eq and stuff but im not good with that yet either, if anyone can help and make some quick examples or something that would be a huge help, many thanks :yeah:

Try adding fruity free filter vst effect for you bassline and kick drum or simply add it to your master track.
Use these settings at first:
high pass
47 Hz
|| or more resonance characters. Just adjust it and listen.

This gives a warm and fat bass sound. :P But you should remove the sub bass <30 Hz with some filter or eq.

Hope this helps!

I think what you’re talking about here is glide/portamento

for bass try two or more saw waves detuned from eachother. add distortion to taste. that should start you in the direction of a typical dnb reese sound.

As a hint:

  1. Define a nice envelope for your bass in the instruments editor.
  2. Use ghost note in the bassline, to prevent the envelope from restarting.
  3. Use 05xx command for glides.
  4. Use pitch commands 01xx and 02xx.
  5. Automate a filter to bring additional life into the sound.

Here is a quick one for you: OGG | XRNS

You might also want to checkout the rns of “subtly distant comatose”, an excellent song from keith303, which also has some nice basslines.


Sorry im so late to reply, just wanted to say many thanks for the examples they are really usefull, i just wish there was a collection of renoise examples with all these types of thing, last time i checked the song examples i got a lot of broken links so hopefully they will get updated at some point :D Now all i need is to find a Easy E/Dre style gangster lead/whine type lead example and im set for years to come :w00t:

Do you have a listening example of such lead, i’m not sure what you mean.

its more than likely something like this:

right at 0:52.

the sound is mostly made by using the mod wheel, but you could this with a chip sound an the speed commands 01XX & 02XX

whats really dope about using the speed command for this, is there will be no attack on the notes. an i believe using increments of 10 (hex of course) sends you to the next note above or below the originating note.

so like starting with

c-401… … …
. … … 0120 < now becomes d-4

i might have this goofed up, i dont have renoise in front of me to make sure, i only started doing this recently, so if anyone could elaborate on this i would appreciate it too.

edit cuz i goofed, increments of 10 (hex) will give you the next note

That sounds a bit like a string sample played at a high note, using 05xx should do the trick, easier is probably a synth, which has a glide/portamento possability. Maybe i’ll try to reproduce something like that later.

Yeah choice thats exactly the type of sound i was after, if anyone can show me an example of that im one happy Renoise user (well i already am but even more so) :D :yeah:

um well i’m not sure which your talking about there Atomsplitter. were you asking about chip sounds? or the way that a chip sound could be used to do the above trick?

eh, I’m still trying to figure out from the last thread on dnb basses how to get that damn Squelch sound!!

(like in soundmurderer’s toronto V.I.P.)

(i’m going to feel really stupid if this is in Keith303’s example up there)

The Keith303 example wasn’t quite the style i was after but i found it usefull. Another thing i want to do is ragga jungle sub like basslines that don’t sound really flat and also aphrodite type basslines. Examples are always usefull though and more are always welcome :yeah: and i have learned a lot from the ones posted, i still havent quite got the dre/easy e bassline sound i wanted yet though. :D

for me,

sine bass sample with a 0204 slide run though gainer -> low-fi mat (bit crunch off, quality low) -> moog low pass with a dangerously high resonance point -> compressor open attack, fast release, thresh 3/4 up and ratio at about 1:3.

compression is critical on that moog lo pass (i think everyone’s permanently sliced a couple hz of the top of their hearing range playing with that effect :) )

the low fi mat with a low quality setting has a really nice gritty distrortion. i think if you want a classic DnB sound you might actually want to use a distorter or analog distorter VST there instead of lo-fi mat. i personally just like using renoise’s native effects whenever possible.

ot: i’d like a native multiband compressor and parametric eq in renoise :walkman:

I feel really stupid (im a tracking newbie) as i can’t get the sound i want still after using 0204 on notes, do you have an example of this method? it would be a huge help :)

yeah, post an RNS florian



example with extra distortion and tighter compression

:) i’ll be checking this out after work.

Mmm, pretty!
Nice what you can do with the built-in DSPs as well. One gets spoiled by all the world’s VSTs. Renoise should ship with a bunch of simple, to the point, single-task example/tutorial files like this. We should gather a bunch in a thread or something, starting with a list of suitable tasks/questions.

Edit: Yeah, kinda like those songs named ‘TutorialN - xxxxxxx’ right there. :rolleyes: Ok, I’ll put on that dunce cap and leave now.

xrns (save as)
not whiny enough