Dnb Brakecore Brakebit Patterns

can anyone help me with brake bits, i cant find any example of patterns of dnb brakebit, where to place bassdrum, snare.

What is ‘brakebit’ ? You mean breakbeats? please explain.

Maybe you need to browse through some past beatbattle entries and check out how other people track…

download songs here: http://www.renoise.com/community/competitions/#beatbattle

thx mate :D it will be really usefull

Yeh, it helped me out with my prob… thats nice

brakebit is like standard dnb pattern

on 178bpm and 3 ticks per line in pattern
Drum x---------x-----x---------
Snare ------x--------------x----

boom stick stick stick boom… boom stickatickaticka,
boom shing shing shing room thoom chit chit,
woom woom cha… voom voom chizzzzzzzzzzititititititit.

I think what jonas was trying to say is that you’ll probably get better search results if you spell the terms correctly.

For example:

  • breakcore
  • breakbeat


If you search the forum for “brakebit” you get zero results (except for the thread we’re in right now). But if you search for “breakbeat” you will find many, many results which can probably help you.

Man, let’s start a genre. Brakebit; micromusic that sort of slows down all the time and annoys the f**** out of you.

Brakebit? I was thinking it was something like Himuro or something…drums with all those little clicky poppy sounds surrounding them for no other reason than just because.

I did a google fight

breakbit vs breakbeat


brake bit vs break beat

seems like it might be two different things. :rolleyes: