Dnb Tutorial


it’s in 2 parts and it probably quite boring if you’re not a beginner, just trying to help the new kids.

I dont even like jumpup that much so hopefully my next renoise tutorials will be liquidfunk or something a bit more deep.

“Hi there beginners, here’s how you make DnB:…
…oh yeah, don’t forget to purchase this 220 dollar vst”


Very nice track at the end mate!

:D :D :D

Anyway, yeah… all rambling aside, pretty good tutorial :)

Also: Stardust is the effing bomb :D :D

thanks guys

I actually get quite anxious when record is on. I dunno, I guess I need some self confidence classes or something :unsure: I’m no good with words either.

quite nice & funny! (= didn’t know one could copy the instrument like that and duplicate the vst settings.

keep em comin!

fun tutorial, some lols to be found :)

Maybe write some keywords/points down beforehand so you have some kind of script to hold onto.

No disrespect. But the tutorial could have been much better. Your voice is uninteligible very often and the recorded view is … unreasonable. You can’t follow what you are doing, especially in the second part it’s a waste of time. Additionally, you use a VST which you have to pay for.

no disrespect taken mate, I like constructive critty. I agree with all you’ve said really, it was a bit of a (I say bit, all a) mumble. next tut’s I will try and speak more clearly. I’ve also figured out how to edit thee entire movie its self so hopefully my new tut’s coming will get better. Just need to find some better screen capturer.
and yeah, FM8 wasn’t really a help for a beginner. I’ll still leave them up but i will take into account what you just said there. thanks B)

“Hello, I am a person” ^_^

Didn’t have much use for the rest of it myself, but I really liked that haha… there is no better way to begin a video IMHO.

Maybe you should try just record the entire screen? In times of being able to watch HD videos on youtube it would be fine. Looking forward to more tutorials from you :)

‘Hello, I am a person.’

‘What did I do, what did I do?’

‘Get something that sounds like a robot frog being sick’


Enjoyed watching this, cheers!