DNOiZr (Noizeshaper//Doofer)

DNOiZr // Doofer

Its a simple Noizeshaper moddeled // inspired // named after another plugin in from berlin. I found it usefull as it worked out inside Renoise because it adds some LoFi to digital cold sounding synths or clean drums in a good and simple way. It somehow sculptures the Noize around the sound, very similar to the Noize Arcade Plugin.
So happy easter from me! :space_invader:


BiTZ - Bitdepth
FREKZ - Samplerate
WETT - Wet Mix / Noise
DRYY - Dry Mix / Signal
ATTAKK - Attack / Noise “Attack”
DKAYY - Decay / Noise “Release”
NOiZ - Amount / Noise (L=Max/R=Min) “Sensitivity”
“Hidden Menue” - “Signal Follower”
Scaling = Curve
LP Filter - Input Signal
HP Filter - Input Signal
L R / L+R - Input Signal
Lookahead - 0.000 ms
“Hidden Menue” - “LofiMat”
Smooth (Button) “Color”


DNOiZr.xrdp (5.9 KB)


A few quick Tips & Tricks.

  • Use modulation on the (z) - knobs (sounddesign) for movement and weirder fx.

  • Use max attack and decay to taste for filling up the empty gaps in dry drums.

  • Use curve and filter settings in advance (signal follower) edit for even more manipulations.

  • Use wet / dry to mix fx and original source signal to your tasting.


  • Also keep in mind that the Noize is added to the signal/sample itself, it morphs around the envelope even a modulated sound will also modulate the added noize. In normal settings the noiz will end together with the original source except you add the above Trick with ext.dekkay.

OK ick muss ma mein Wurfarm etwas schonen:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::sneezing_face: Am Mittwoch iss erster May.:space_invader::skull_and_crossbones::rofl:

The most underrated Doofer on the whole forums. Trust on this + thank me later. :mushroom::muscle::mute: