Do All Processors Work With Rns?

I’m not certain yet, but I was thinking about buying a newer laptop for myself. The issue is the one I’m eyeballing has an Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor QX9300 (2.53Hz). Does renoise support 4 processors? Or will it go to waste? The reason I’m making sure is cause if my memory serves me right, renoise doesn’t support HyperThreading. Also, will it support a 64bit OS, or only 32bit? Better to ask and be safe, then be sorry later.

That or I was thinking of a Macbook Pro, but one major thing is knocking me down about, the fact that mac doesn’t support most of the VSTs that I’m running. Running only windows on it would make it kind of pointless to have a mac. But then again, Vista sucks, and from my understanding you can’t format today’s PCs and throw on XP?

Is Mac really that much better than PC? All my friends have stiffies for their macs, but then again two of them don’t make music, and three don’t use any plugins/vsts. They only use native stuff on whichever prog they’re using. Both models I’m looking at are around the same price, but the PC is quad processor, the mac is dual. I know they’re different operating systems, so does mac’s programing make better use of the less processing power or something?

Renoise works perfect on our Vista64bit + Q6600 Quadcore system. But choosing between a Mac or PC is your decision of course. I can only say that the 4 CPU’s work great in Renoise and I also have to say that we haven’t got any troubles with Vista64 aswell… Except for the fact that some software still doesn’t support Vista64, but that’s not the fault of Microsoft.

From what I know that is perfectly possible. As long as your hardware has XP drivers available there should be no problems at all.

The Mac vs PC thing… I rather not get into it. I personally hate Macs, they’re just fashion objects to me. I’m forced to use them at school and I really hate doing it. Everything is so unlogical. PC = more bang for your buck for sure. Not to mention the, rather important, VST support you already mentioned.

Yes. You can get rid of Vista and install XP. Just make sure that you’ve got XP compatible drivers for your hardware.

We’re seriously still doing the Mac v.s. PC thing? They’re the same hardware, you know. You can install Vista/XP on a Mac now. It’s all Intel processors and Nvidia graphics. No more PowerPC. No more Motorola.

On that note, MacOS and XP do handle audio in a more musician-friendly manner than Vista. At least, that was the case the last time I checked. Not sure how the comparison between XP and MacOS works out. If you’re using an external soundcard, it shouldn’t matter anyways.

If you have a Hyperthread CPU, turning off the HT mode should be the only thing to do, to avoid problems, but further Renoise supports MultiCPU.
64-bit is not supported in full functionality, but 64-bit cpu’s do not interfere Renoise its operation unless you use specific 64-bit tools or 64-bit plugins.

Just take care that the 3rd party plugins you use, support multicpu as well.
If not, you can turn MultiCPU compatability mode off when clicking on the question mark icon for the specific plugin.
The more known plugins (Like Synthedit) have this toggled by default.

@all - Thanks for the input. I think I might just go PC one more time. :)

At one point down the road I’m thinkin of trying out the mac though, dip my biscuits into Logic. I really liked the sculpture synth in that program. But that’ll be one day…

How do you know if the hardware has the drivers? If not can you add them? I thought all necessary drivers install along with the installation CD.

Usually. You can check the manufacturer’s website to see if they have XP drivers for their hardware. Chances are that they do. I’ve yet to see a piece of hardware that doesn’t have XP driver support.

Sweet, thanks man.

Psh! I do things on my Mac that would make your PC implode, boy ;)

Psh! I do things on my mac that would make your mini-mac implode boy ;)

Well, i don’t bought my pc to use it as a chair anyway so that’s no problem. :P


Coen, I have an iMac! Restecp my financial investment! ;)

Peter, for starters: open a file. Now move it to another folder.

I’m not really too worried about moving stuff while it’s open. I’m worried about processing/production. Anything that stands out to you on a Mac that might convince me to drop my PC vsts and move to that?

So… being able to move files while they’re opened costs me almost double the price of a normal PC with the same specifications? ;)

[center]FLAME WAR!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: MAC VC PC :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


absolutely no need to start a flame-war.
… PC will win hands down anyways!

A PC can also run Linux ;)

A choice in the between is to build a dual boot hackintosh so you can use Logic’s synths on your PC…