Do Computer Games Cause Mental Disorder?

here’s a little recording from a german somebody called “vox”, who seems to have some problems handling a pc-game called “counterstrike”.
to all german-speakers, have fun :D



haha… i don’t understand german. It was funny anyway. :lol:

And another proof that Counterstrikers are totally stupid :D

…or as one bat said to another:

“do forgive my bluntness” :rolleyes:

:lol: Wish I knew german. sounds like he has some “ups” in there, but most “downs”.
I guess ‘keep that guy away from sharp objects during gameplay’ would be wise. B)

On the title: games don’t cause mental disorders. The player already had one to begin with (although this might not be apparant).

I’ve been playing games all my life, including very violent ones, but never ever did I have the urge to smash/destroy/kill anything besides a keyboard or mouse when the pc crashed again just when I had a new highscore :o

When something bad happens games are often blamed. Like this week where a 17 year old from England killed a 14 year old kid with a hammer :(
The game which was blamed this time was manhunt.

I do believe parents should pay more attention (and be better educated) what their children are doing with a computer (look at what kind of games they’re playing, especially when they’re younger) instead of putting the blame on the game which 99.9% of all people can play normally without any side effects (except if it’s a very poor game like Postal 2 :D).

On the sample: :lol: :blink: :ph34r:
I don’t speak German that well, but most words I can make out. He sounds pretty frustrated… “ich bin so ein n00b” :lol:

whoever that is, i thought the same ;)