Do Goddesses Dream Of Deja Vu

A year has passed since I finished my first track with Renoise. This year witnessed a cascade of events coming and going really fast. But whatever happened, I knew that I could always open Renoise, zoom off and ride on the soundwaves towards the vast expanses of imagination. Thanks to this tool, I could not only describe my environment but also look into the world of fantasy. Though sometimes such searches could lead one to a brain damage, these possible consequences may not be compared with enthusiasm and satisfaction one gets while working on a composition. And, of course, Renoise if not only DAW, but also a large friendly community where one could find a lot of new and interesting music and, what’s even more important, support. I am happy that there is a place where you can share your tracks and know that your work will be listened to, estimated and given a piece of good advice. I thank Renoise and the entire community for your presence and countenance. Let us have another great year!

Release of my new track falls on the anniversary of working with the program. I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. I have recently had some troubles with Internet connection, which certainly influences my web activity. In spite of this I continue working with the program.

really cool atmosphere you got going on. where’s the sample from?

I love the way You play with the vocals and glitch them. The stereo is great and all the sounds seem to be pure and well mixed. Great work and keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments and your time. HeadphoneCue, Lethargik BrainClaim, thank you for your warm words of support. I’m happy you liked the track and its atmosphere. Thank you, Jurek and Carbonthief.

The main sample is taken from the video which I have accidentally come across (though was it really accidentally?) Another sample is taken from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya TV-2, episode 09. In this episode, protagonist and his friends get to know how many times they really had to live through this summer episode. Endless 8 may be considered a masterpiece of the space scale (in my humble opinion, of course).

The main theme came to me also accidentally. Once in February, on the death day of Doctor Hunter S. Thompson I felt like opening the program. A lead preset found me, and then the tune came to me and I only had to record it. It would be difficult to say that the track is written by me only. During my work I had an impression that I served as a conductor, an instrument that was translating these vibrations in the sound cover which the brain perceives as sound. It was interesting and strange. The work which I planned to finish in a month suddenly expanded to three months. Some new parts appeared, and all of them were a reflection of something that needed to be connected. Plus this very déjà vu feeling did not leave me. It was a drift through unconsciousness, and a dangerous one indeed. By the beginning of summer the track was finished. I wonder if any of you, guys, had these interesting and strange feelings? Or maybe they are singular and subjective?

P.S. Again thank you all for listening to the track and spending your time. Sorry, but I still do not have an opportunity to answer on time. I hope the situation will change in a short while.

Hi, it’s a great tune. It has a certain waving on dynamic, and the half-garbled vocal parts somehow fit nice, even if you don’t always understand the words. Though I sometimes thought in dreamstate, that these vocals sound a bit too scratchy somehow for the rest feeling of the song. Maybe taming the distortions could’ve helped. But the good Bass & Stereo mix redeems for that. I strangely enjoyed it.

As you’ve asked, and I’m very sensible for mental state impressions - the tune put me into somekind of dreamlike state, where attention faded quite a bit, though things were still there, just seemed very plastic, expecially the music. Strangely I didn’t drift so much into thoughts and daydreams while into it as would’ve been my usual buisiness. I felt somehow like…having smoked way too much pot while being drunk, then the high had faded, and in the burnt out state smoking even more makin me just duller in the head but not high anymore. If you know what I mean. The noise/rainlike effects in the ending kind of “waked me up” again, but didn’t restore full wakeness yet.

If you have strange ideas regarding this tune and things surrounding it…well, watch for yourself. I know such conditions very well, they can lead to devastating if not taken care or reverted by experiences making one more acute. I doesn’t have to be something around this tune or so, just some general disbalance, that puts dreaming states too close to the wake state. Dejavus I experience very exceptionally often, and found I have to take care to keep my attention away from them and the accompanying thoughts, to be able to still master life in adequate ways and also have some kind of intellectual benefit from those experiences. It’s hard to describe, I think you can only learn to understand a bit of it, if you’re able to really keep your mind in a very rational state most of the time, and hold to very certain things that can in return hold you from drifting to deep when attention goes weak from time to time. Take care of yourself.

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Nice bit of psybient, thanks for sharing and posting it.

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