Do I Have This Correct? If I Wanted 64Th Notes I Would Effectively Ha

16 lines per beat, and 1 bar per pattern… Is that right? Kinda a stupid question, I know… but lol, these softwares take a while to learn. please believe me, I feel dumb.

Yes, that sounds about right…but; When you say “1 bar per pattern…” do you just mean you’re fitting 4 beats into patterns set to 64 lines? Pattern lines can be increased and decreased so that you can fit however many bars/beats or fractions of bars/beats you want into a single pattern(until you hit the max pattern length of 512 lines).

see yeah… that’s totally weird huh… you can increase the lines per pattern in your preferences, and effect make 64th notes, and you can increase the lines per beat and make 64 notes. so… if you want to increase to 16 lines per beat, and you want 4 beats in the bar… you increase the lines per pattern in your preferences to 256… which probably should be done, because there is a max amount of patterns per project… huh? so if you increase to 512 at 16 lpb, you basically have 8 bars in a pattern?

totally trippy.

Not exactly, You could do either of those things to get the effect of 64th notes, but if you do the former method and have any, VSTs or hardware synced with midi you might get unintended effects. Your sequencing in renoise might be fine but your synced up stuff might be playing double or half time.

The manual has this to say:

I think you can get up to 64th notes at 8LPB without using retrigger commands, but I may be wrong…it may only be 32nd notes.

What’s a beat? From what I learned, it traditionally defaults to a quarter note. So if your beat is a quarter note, and you use 16 LPB, each line is a 64th note. I think you’re correct with this.

But keep in mind, you might want to use note OFFs which occupy a line, too.

I know it twas a dumb question lol… actually… haha… whatever. i just needed to a confirmation. thanks guys for the help :D :D

a bar is usually composed of 4 beats so, if you have 16 lines per beat and your pattern is made of 64 lines, you have a complete 4/4 bar within it

but, if you are looking for 64th notes, you have to divide the beat into 64 parts, not the bar, so probably what you are calling 64th’s are actually 16th’s. 64th’s are a lot fast at any speed: at 60 BPM speed, a 64th note is played each 1/64 seconds, which is barely perceivable.

in your scenario (16 lines per beat), if you write a note on each line, those are 16th notes. if you need 64th, you have to use 64 lines per beat, but try i yourself: it sounds just insane. Alternatively, in the 16 LPB scenario, you can use the retrigger command (0Rxy, where y=3 to achieve a note each 3 ticks, thus playing 4 notes in each row).

f+d+k, your idea of a beat is completely messed up. this is a good start to read

Uh oh… that’s making sense… 4 lines per beat is quarter notes? 8 lines is half… 16 is 16ths, 32 lpb is 32nd notes and lastly 64 lpb is 64th notes… that makes perfect sense… just confirm, am I getting what you are saying?


<— you can use the retrigger command (0Rxy, where y=3 to achieve a note each 3 ticks, thus playing 4 notes in each row).

Does that work on the vst synths, or only Renoise instruments? its a pattern effect right? so it should only apply to Renoise instruments… right?

sorry… i’m just checking


exactly, it’s much easier than you thought :)

I can’t confirm right now because I’m not in front of a music-related computer right now, but technically it should work for plugins too, because it only involves volume and note commands. Check out effects reference to get the complete list of 0Rxy meanings

By that statement, I might have the following wrong…

but I’ve always thought each line at 16 LPB was a 64th note because when I render 16 LPB,

then divide the sample using the snap function: beats, 8th, 16th, 32nd, or 64th notes, then spit it out to the pattern editor… 64th notes fills every line…

Perhaps this was a typo, but I think you’ve got this slightly backwards.

The note timings such as 1/4th (quarter note, or crotchet), 1/8th (eighth note, or quaver), 1/16th (sixteenth note, or semiquaver), etc. are defined as being fractions of a whole note. The whole note itself is clearly defined as having a length that is equal to four beats in 4/4 time.

So we don’t actually divide the bar in order to get fractional notes, because the length of a bar can obviously vary based on your choice of time signature, such as 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, etc. Instead, we divide the whole note which has a clearly defined length that typically does not change.

How this applies to Renoise…

(Remember: 1 whole note = 4 beats, therefore LPB x 4 = number of pattern lines in a whole note)

  • @ 1 LPB: 1 whole note = 4 pattern lines. 1 pattern line = 1/4th note.
  • @ 2 LPB: 1 whole note = 8 pattern lines. 1 pattern line = 1/8th note.
  • @ 4 LPB: 1 whole note = 16 pattern lines. 1 pattern line = 1/16th note.
  • @ 8 LPB: 1 whole note = 32 pattern lines. 1 pattern line = 1/32nd note.
  • @ 16 LPB: 1 whole note = 64 pattern lines. 1 pattern line = 1/64th note.

Or maybe you should be reading this:

…or perhaps I should not reply to the forums when I get up too early… :)

I’m sorry guys, of course you all are right:

a quarter note is one beat long on a 4/4 bar

it looks like I got some kind of inversion between reading and writing this morning, as I also swapped samples with instruments in another thread.


We all have brain farts at times. I know I’ve had ludicrously silly ones in the past with no real excuse behind them such as early mornings. But then wouldn’t life be boring if we were all perfect all of the time ;)

no that’s particularly embarassing… I have read the whole thing again now; I think I am going to hide myself somewhere for a while

Man, for a while you really made me think I always had it wrong! Now it’s all fine. Cheers! :)

PS. I mean, because there is no time signature in renoise, there’s no way to really know what a beat is, that’s why I asked that rethorical question and assumed a quarter note.

well, at least it seems like I was convincing :)

64th notes it is… alright :D hey we need an emoticon with a spliff… or a rasta cap… but yeah, 16 lpb = 64th notes makes good musical sense… its way tricky though… cause its easy to be mistaken, or need a confirmation…

Thanks guys


64th notes are for amateurs anyway. Real musicians use 2[sup]64[/sup]th notes.