Do I Have To Pay To Upgrade?


Just a couple of really quick queries:-

I bought Renoise 1.26 last year, can I download the full version of 1.27 for free?

And… When I press caps lock to make a note off, the edit step jumps to 32 and the octave jumps to 8. Is there anything I can do to stop it doing this?

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me


Not only that, you can even download 1.281 (the newest) for free. :) You have free updates to the next whole version step, i.e. to 2.26 in your case.

Sounds like a bug to me. It could have something to do with the keyboard mappings maybe… hopefully it will be gone when you update.

I must say I liked the 16 line jump better.

From 1.27 Final History:

± Pageup/down and F9-F12 now always jumps in quarters instead of 16 lines in the
pattern editor.

OK thanks for your help, how do I download 1.281? How do I prove I paid for Renoise last year?


When you registered they given you an username and password.
This can be used to access

Is this a joke or are you serious? If you are serious, then how come? I can’t figure out one single situation when the hardcoded 16 line step is better than the relative one, especially not when you work with bigger patterns. So please explain ;)

Well. I use the pageup/down to navigate fast up and down in the pattern.
I dont use it to go exactly to 16/32/64 or whatever. I could be fixed on 13 lines, and I wouldnt care. Only it is fixed. When I wanna play a part of a pattern I usually jump up about 16 lines and start the pattern from cursor.
So if I use big patterns I suddenly jump 64 lines… I dont like it :)
But thats just me…

Okay I see.I would like to see edit steps work in a similar manner when you press the up/down keys, I have requested it several times and I think it will come in an upcoming version… The good thing with this is that you can choose how many steps you shall jump.

I am currently working on a song where each pattern is made of 7 bars (instead of 8), so this quarterjump thing is not good for me either, also because there is no key (yet) which jumps down the defined editsteps without doing anything else (or did I miss this ?)

Yepp. But it can also slow you down if you are not on the right line, and have to move up or down a line or two. But I can see the use of this in many situations. So I guess the best thing would be options/button to allow editstep on the arrow keys, and also options to set a separate fixed/relative editstep on the page up/down.

btw… why did I start talking about this in this thread? :ph34r:
too tired I guess :blink: :blink: :blink:

FT2 had an option to set the marker for F9-F12 keys.

That was useful for larger or odd patterns.