Do I need multiple tracks to make pads blend seamlessly between notes?

I’m trying to do some old school jungle pads. I noticed when using one track, with one pad sample instrument or two different instruments, that when my instrument goes from one note to another the release of the first note cuts abruptly when the second plays, instead of smoothly activating the release set up in the ADSR. I even tried to use a note OFF 16 steps prior to the new note, but that new note overrides the first one. So do I need two tracks to get the release of one pad to blend into the attack of another?

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Just open a second column in the same track, and put each alternative note in the second column. The result is that each sample will play until it’s end, or until it meets another sample (in which case you could open many multiple columns until nothing is overlapping).


Of course! That works perfectly, thank you! <3

Perhaps your NNA (New Note Action) in the Sample Properties is set to “Cut”? If it’s set to “Note-off” it should obey your release time as set up in the ADSR. You can also select “Continue” and it will play until the end of the sample.


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