Do You Find Fart Sounds Amusing?

I do :w00t:

ive also just bought my first ever woopy cushion

You should listen to Otto Von Schirach. And don’t double post.

sorry for my ignorance but who’s Otto Von Schirach? and that has great respect to the person in question.

i prefer those farty types of bass synth sounds

That last alternative is to tempting to push :lol:

There should be a website for uploading fart sounds. I would love to rate other peoples farts.


A fart is a funny commercial for a bum bum yet to come…

Here is a song I made some years ago… Way back when “Legend B” was cool. It is a remix of Legend B’s “Lost In Love” made only with, “analog sounds”. The song :w00t:

Credits go to my 2 friends also.

Yes I like farts - I wake myself up with them sometimes. I have a very loud arse, and I can string them on for ages too. Rarely smell though unless I’ve been out on the razz. I would up some samples, but I don’t think anyone who uses my mic would after that.

I can just make out that Legend B track 29 - pure class in an arse.

Otto Von Schirach likes fart sounds. Otto Von Schirach apparently also uses Renoise.

Here is a song I created in Renoise using many different fart sounds and other misc samples.

It’s really crappy, but hey… it’s a song featuring farts and was created as a joke.

Check it out -

Click here to hear my retarded fart song

I remember a tune from Aminet which involved lots of farting, burping, the word “spam” and “steve is good for the blood”. Since then it got… slighty boring to me…

I know a friend who almost plays Bach with his arse! Very good in pitch but has to improve timing! :D

where I come from, nothing that comes from your anus is funny.
things coming from your anus are often too perilous to be a laughing matter

yeah, i dont like fart jokes either. I know that any selfrespecting comedy from Hollywood have at least 1 fart joke, but i just dont get it, whats funny aboutt that.

i think its minging - i’m all for purile humour but farting/burping is rank - and it ruins songs - take ‘passing me by’ (classic hip hp track but i cant remember who did it now tribe…??) lush song but totally ruined b y massive burp at the end… wtf?

edit - band is pharcyde

Alas, I’m a simpleton with toilet humour - what can I say…

Has anyone experienced trying to talk to someone, whilst being interrupted by a really ridculously long air biscuit (ie 8 seconds+) without laughing? My mate couldn’t :P


Dude… that’s freaking me out… just as I read that, I am listening to a beat stub I made sampling “Summer in the City”… I guess I’m posting this mostly as a private diary entry haha, nevermind everybody :D Maybe I’ll remember this thread when something comes of that and then I can burp err bump it yay :wacko:

I made a little track about six months ago. I had a massive hangover and nothing to do, so I decided to record my arse and do some renoisemagic… Enjoy! :D

Phlatulent Phil & The Fartadelics - Stinkadelic Anthem