Do You Have A Set Of Gaming Pedals?

If you answered yes, then theres nothing stopping you from having midi pedals for renoise other than knowing how, and I’ll change that for you if you keep reading…

I used Plogue Bidule and Midi Yoke to achieve this, if you want to do it exactly the same I suggest you download them both. You don’t need to be a registered Bidule user, we’re only touching the standalone version here.

After installing them both, open up Renoise and Bidule at the same time, and in Bidule, load this preset and configure the HID Data Extractor [the top box]'s parameters to suit your game controller and where you want to send the messages. Its all fairly intuitive… If you get lost you can see where the messages are going by opening the Midi monitor and reading the cc information as it blurts information realtime on axis changes…
Anyway this is set up for a logitec “momo force” wheel with pedals, if you happen to have one exactly the same just make sure midi yoke channel 1 is set as a midi input device in renoise (or anything really…) and watch as putting your foot on the gas makes your bass go wwoooaaaAAAAH… or whatever =)

Crafty… ++

yeah! nice… !

I’m thinking of making some jam-track that can be controlled entirely from the steering wheel controls I use in games, and fraps-record the result of driving in a game and having it all hooked up to the track at the same time…

would be an interesting experiment if nothing else ^_^

I hope it ends up in more than an experiment.

hey it’s quite a good idea…

or you can try to control the music and see how the car reacts… hehe

have fun!

on a related note, a game where you can race through your tracks:


wiimote reaktor beat slicer in reaktor :w00t:
prolly could be dont in renoise as well
regardless be insane for live pa