Do You Have Internet At Work?

First day at a new job, my own office and computer, will bring the laptop too for tracking pleasure between duties. :)

I have WLAN here and as I am the admin of our company LAN, I can pass the firewall :) This laptop at work has really crappy sound but I installed renoise-demo for tracking some little ideas.

Got internet and sound (just crappy desktop speakers though), Renoise on my work computer… and it’s ok to use it! Occasionally I need to do little bits of music for projects at work - websites, dvd, etc. - so I’m quite often popping into Renoise or tweaking stuff in SoundForge. A nice little advantage of working in a multimedia environment :)

Ah, thank God… I just found out I could change the resolution on this comp from 800x600 to 1024x768! :D

I work as a meeting-host, meaning I’m responsible for 12 rooms, making sure people get their coffee and stuff. Easy job, perfect for the time, as I can design some stuff on my laptop when I have free time! :)

my situation’s option isn’t there …

cubicle, i am the only person who uses it, yes internet, yes sound (although crap speakers but i hookup headphones when listening to music) , have tracked a few times during lunch but shh don’t tell anyone :)

about 90% of the time i post on these forums, it is from work :)

old people say there used to be internet access at all pc places in my company before i worked there.
but nowerdays there’s just intranet and that’s boring. no forums, no flashgames, it’s hardly possible to be productive :(

We have a T3 here at UNE, 100k port. Pratically no limmits, though the biggest things I download are mp3s from you guys.

I have a renoise demo here at work (I work in an audio studio). I’d take photos and show you, but be impressed when I say I’ve got two Tannoy Little Gold Monitors, yummy.

I use renoise for jotting hits of inspiration, or testing new plugs.

I work at home but dont have internet there. now go figure. :(