Do You Like Heavy Dance Music?

Tune in wherever you are for this 3 hour online broadcast brought to straight from a BASSment in Bristol by the ever ready, ever raving, ever northern, Neverlution Sound System. Drop in to hear some of the hardest dance music being played in the SW of England.

Bass rape for your face mate!


Is Anorak a member of Neverlution? One of the favourite mixes I’ve downloaded recently was by him and at the beginning it has a computerised voice that sounds like it’s saying something like that…

(Let me find it on Soundcloud)

Well it’s actually on Brain Damage Radio but nevermind.

Believe this is his Soundcloud though.

Yeah man, he’s one of our residents and he’s on tonight ;)

Edit: Ans he’s a Renoise convert.

you should try some Venetian Snares - Rossz Scillag etc etc for a combination of heavy ‘dance’ music and classical music. >

You guys get involved with Boomtown Fair at all? Think I remember seeing a system that looked pretty similar to what you have in your Hire list. ASBO Disco if my memory serves…

That was us, we weren’t organising the lineup although we did have two one hour slots on the Sunday, Anorak played the second one. We did, however, provide the system. It was so hot by the Sunday, and we’d hired an Infinite 8 to run the bass bins with, it just sounded amazing by the end. We didn’t want to shut down man.

Mine has to go back again to Void :( Need to ring them actually as UPS never came and collected it on Tuesday. Good reminder ;)

Was sounding good in there though. Reminded me scoops can have their use, if you don’ try and use them on too wide a range :)

Yeah man, scooped horns are where it’s at. Just not enough people know how to run them. We run four hogs at 30-80Hz, the two 1850 kick bins for those kick freqs, then the thunderidge stereo tops we have at a 10 degree angle for maximum coverage. We ran all the lighting there too, half of it was controlled with a LP filter so it responded only to the bass and the other half responded to the full signal. My mate did some seriously clever things with the light controller, he built it himself and it’s not part of the Neverlution set up. <—these are the bins we use.

Edit: we need to get an Infinite 8 really, also what happened to yours? I heard a story that some freeparty crew (possible Digga) had theirs assaulted with truncheons and it still runs fine.

HD1850s sound horrible above about 120Hz, although with a LOT of EQing and by cutting out a lot of the rage (up to 80Hz in your case) you may get around some of this and even get more overall output from them. What if your low pass on them? Those Thunderridge don’t go too low do they?

Infinite 8 Mk2, which are generally found to be solid as fuck, unknown how it developed the initial fault but noticed it wasn’t running up to full volume without going into Protect and cutting out well, well below that (maybe half volume or less.) This is a sign of one of the transistors having gone and it’s not a A/B Class design but a either a G or H Class hybrid. On return Void failed to follow my instructions, which I’d given them in duplicate (on phone with initial RMA, printed in with the amp and via separate email) to send the unit back to my work address rather than home. Hence UPS tried multiple times to deliver it to the wrong place and by the time they eventually did get delivery arranged to my work when I opened it up there was very obvious signs of damage. Bent rack ear, arched lid with crease (where the transformer has wrenched it sideways.) Took a couple of photos of how it has obviously bent the whole chassis.

Hoped it would work anyway as a quick look inside, and re-tightening the transformer, I crossed my fingers that a bit of glue on the capacitors that had all become unstuck might be all that was needed but unfortunately not the case. One side permanently in Protect, even with no input and volume at 0 and other side no output either (probably related.)

Have to say Void are about the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with! Quite like some of their products but they are useless and there customer support seriously sucks! Sent back my internal crossovers for my Stasys 3 Mk2s and they came back faulty. Weeks and daily phonecalls to manage to arrange collection of faulty parts. Inability to follow simple delivery instructions. Obviously no actual testing of item after “repair/service.” No matter how good some of their stuff seems to be I just don’t really feel I can recommend them to anybody any more!

We’re totally home brew apart from the tops, we do use void speakers but at least we can crack open the case and get to it ourselves. I’m not really sure where our crossovers run (I’m not a sound engineer) I think it’s 80-150 on the 1850s, either that or the Hogs run up to 90 , but I trust the guys and they always make it sound amazing. I’ve just joined the system and am taking over more of the PR, AR, promotions, and lighting side because one of the rig owners is moving back up north to do his PhD. Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with Void customer service but this isn’t the first negative review of them. Apparently the guy who runs Void is pretty eccentric and if that’s true I can imagine his company to be loose around the edges.