Do You Remember The First Distorted Kick?

I remember the firsts techno beats in the late 80’s but i really can’t remember the firsts distorted bassdrums “hardcore style”. Do you remember who made it first and when was it? 1991, 1992? Paul elstak? dj Dano? something like that? I m sure some dutch people has the answer!!

Someone once told me Paul Elstak, nothing to back it up though

i tried to search it on internet but unsuccessfull…

my guess is Holy Noise.

Hmm I was just listening to a breakbeat mix from the early nineties, and there were some distorted kicks too…


The name says the songs are from 1991-1992… but cannot be sure about that ofcourse…

The first distorted kick? Must be some amiga mod or demo, house tune remake ripoff in the early nineties.

great link. danke!

Emerson Lake and Palmer? :3

oh you mean like techno style… haha

hardcore techno has been invented in holland right? or in UK?

You guys are thinking way too modern… industrial music has been distorting kicks for ages… look back to Skinny Puppy… or even further to Throbbing Gristle. I’m fairly sure earlier innovators like John Cage probably did things like ripping drum skins to get a distorted sound. In fact, the members of Throbbing Gristle have given quite alot to the electronic music world… their Psychic TV project was one of the first incubators for what is now known as “Acid” and the members have each spawned several side projects which are all constantly cited as inspiration by some of the biggest electronic acts in the world.

So yes, the hardcore/gabber kick has it’s origins in a fairly different musical realm than one would expect. As for the hardcore genre, I don’t know enough about it to say, other than that they most definitely took the idea of distorting a kick from somewhere else entirely ;)

you re right… even in concrete music like klaus shultze or pierre henry in early 60’s we heard natural bassdrum distorted but i m really talking about the hardcore kick, the first guy who thought: “wow my 909 or 808 in my metal zone pedal sounds cooool!!”

I was listening to these tapes and I now have a theory. They are so badly distorted and poorly recorded that I now believe “Gabber” was created by people buying these tapes and trying to copy them. The fact that they are labeled “house mixes” only strengthens my belief that this is the case, that people were like “this music is cool” and not having any other reference point (no mass adoption of the internet, language barriers, etc) the dutch assumed the crazy ass way too loud distortion and clipping introduced by these tapes was, in fact, part of the style.

Actually I heard someone sampled an early leenak track.

Again, I’m calling Skinny Puppy or Throbbing Gristle on that one… but I understand entirely what you mean :P


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