Do You Remember The Time?

I just found his clip Ghosts on - one of the longest music-videos ever :)

I think it is still cool to like the stuff from back then… but it’s sad to see that and then think of him today :(

Haha, I was just listening to some MJ right before I checked the boards. Agreed, his material from back in the day was sweet, but it is really sad how he is now.

Yes, MJ was great…

ahah, i remember the television premiere of this… it was so hyped up, my whole family watched it on NBC prime time… same with the “black or white” video :D

and of course… “beat it” was my favourite song when i was a kid! i thought michael jackson was sooooo badass, getting in knife fights and wearing that red jacket.

could it?

Mine too, along with Thriller. Totally the Thriller album was a big shot for its age, becoming the world’s best-selling album of all time… grateful to Quincy Jones.

his beatboxing is sick!

I was MJ for Halloween when I was 6 ^_^

Timberlake is the new Michael Jackson. Snappy dancing style, recurring signature song elements, commanding stage presence, white, popular. Now with the 80’s comeback in contemporary pop … I can smell an MJ tribute of some description coming out of this guy eventually :)

EDIT: Anacrucix, beatboxing? I barely remember much of that. Oh well, while I’m doing the whole MJ/JT separated at birth thing, Timberlake’s made a motif out of beatboxing too :D