Do You Think It's Possible To Make Folk Music On Renoise?

just a thought really, wouldn’t mind finding some vsti’s that do some good fidle, guitar, accordian etc. I think the wavestation has a folkguitar preset.

and no this is not a windup, i wanna make happy summertime folk stuff (slight bit of electronic sounding too stuff) has anyone else made folk on renoise?

Just plug your guitar in, hit record, strum.…rtime_quiet.mp3

I don’t know if it’s possible but if I tried I would know…

I don’t know anything about renoise or folk music. But if I learned renoise and maybe listened to some folk music I would be able to answer. But right now I don’t have any clue about it so I just post here because I like posting in random places.

On another note: Yes it is is possible to make folk music with renoise. Like with any other sequencer program. You may record some instruments live with some other programs, but that isn’t neccesary either. Totally sequencing guitars or other more melodic instruments might be bad soundwise (so you are better off recording them by phrase) but I don’t think this makes it less folky. Folk electronica is a genre I would like to listen more. Hey why not? There is folk-other-genres already, like folk metal.

If you interpret my post correctly you would know that it says exactly the same as yours but in a few lines less. I’m really sorry if it hurt anyone but what I meant was that anything is possible and the only way to get a result is to try.

I have read and heard great things about Quantum Leap Gypsy which has nice sounding acoustic guitars, violins and accordions and also really interesting playing styles for all instruments, so Gypsy should work great for making folk. The downside is that it costs a lot but maybe it’s worth it.

Hey milkshake,
if it helps, it is possible to make Folk music with trackers in general, it should work very well in Renoise then.
A very good one that I know is Irish Eagle by Cosmiq (he’s around here sometimes). It’s one of my favourite XM’s, open it in a tracker and have a look at it. I think it’s close to what you’re looking for.


Oops, I misinterpreted your post. Yummy shoes indeed.

Someone seriously needs to do some celtic folk breakcore

Consider it done.

Whatever you want to make with Renoise, it is possible.
It just depends on how you do this.
If you know the good tricks with the effect commands and how to cut your samples precisely you can achieve anything you desire.

And if anyone does not trust my word for it… download the following few modules and just observe what this guy does with four tracks and 16 effects.
If there is any good example to learn the best tricks with effect commands it is this guy.

To be able to load this stuff in Renoise, unpack, rename MOD.[filename] to [filename].mod and you will be fine.

All songs:…s&view=1845

If you like it a little more rough and guitar, Zack Ohren:…s&view=8336

Go check out Pendulum’s track “Girl in the Fire”. Sounds kind of folk-ey at the beginning. Very cool anyway :)
Not that they use Renoise, but it’s still sequenced…

I saw a band called “Albanach” (sp?) a year or two ago at a local celtic/Irish festival and if I could program drums like that for breakcore I would be a god. A GOD I TELL YOU!!!

Seriously, they were bad-asses…

No speakers here but I think this is them:…iendID=75047086

There is a VSTi called RealGuitar, It sounds good and I imagine it would be very useful for folk music, it has a lot of options like being able to adjust the speed of the strum and automatic chord progressions…etc if that floats your boat.

Sounds way better than Slayer and others I’ve tried.

Oh man, I’ve always been dying to use that, but it was laggy as hell on my previous soundcard. I haven’t tried it on my new m-audio yet though. Reminds me to reinstall it!

street corners and open mic nights.

RealGuitar is nice but I have huge latencies, too. Usually I render selection to sample and cut the chords like I want them.

Woow the song 'just for blues ’ is simply amazing …real jedi master of effects commands

I’ve had no latency probs with any VST’s that I use so far, and my system is the same as yours except I have around 1504MB, Nvidia 6800 GT, and Audigy II platinium soundcard.

With ASIO it rocks, but I never had a problem with the demo version of Renoise with no Asio either :huh:

Wonder if it’s you’re ram or s-card?