Do You Use A Finalizer Vst ?

or do you master?

i get the mix just how i want it,…

then i throw a limiter on it.

but then again,… i’m not really making stuff for release, just playing out.

^ What he said.


this is a so called finalizer afaik, like the good old tc electronics finaliser hardware ;)

a friend of mine uses izotope, very great mastering plugin!

Voxengo Sonic Finalizer VST 1.2
I never tried it though

i have never heard about that plug-in and i own several voxengo products:)

This. Except LOFI MAT on master.

EDIT: tipex’ed

Aah okay, I stand corrected.

OMG tippex upgraded the brush to foam?!

when the eff did that happen?!

yeah,… thats how old i am :ph34r:

Something blondes use on the screen all the time.
They consider it works well, the only problem is, it doesn’t scroll along with the text when it is scrolled up.

Classic master limiter. Good weapon for final master