Do you use any external tools for time stretching samples?

I found Renoise’s stretching algorithm kinda lackluster, and I’m aware of the incredible Rubberband-Aid which did help a lot. Just wondering if there are any other options that I left unexplored; what’s your workflow? I saw Groovin in G use Pro Tools for stretching, for example

Paulxstretch can be useful:

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Here’s the akaizer tool for them classic cyclical timestretches Is the akaizer tool for renoise still available? - #2 by Cubeinthebox


Another cool option is RubberBandAid, also a tool for Renoise:

It suits my needs better than Akaizer.

I also use Ircam Labs TS2, which is a more advanced spectral timestretching suite, a wonderful recommendation I got from @moloko.

It’s HELLA EXPENSIVE, though. Probably overkill for most people.

  • Hi quality Pitch Shifting
  • Up to 100x Time Stretching
  • Batch processing
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I’ve used all the tools above, and most of the time, it is a lot easier to just use another DAW, for me currently Bitwig and Reaper

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If you’re on Mac, Logic has great tools for stretching time and pitch. Increasingly I’m recording straight in there, then exporting stems to chop and mangle in Renoise.

Came here to suggest TS2. Great tool for sound design and restoration. Regarding the price, it regularly goes on sale through its own site as well as sites like so if anyone sees this maybe try to catch it during a price drop. I got my license through (Plugivery’s resale site thing) for dirt cheap (at time of writing its almost half off on dontcrack).

Paulstretch/paulxstretch +1

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for old skool time stretching :renoise effects commands
Anything else : cdp lua tool


I keep forgetting I have Fl Studio and ableton :slight_smile: , but practically for the way I use stretching the native stretching and/or tools is sufficient, more practical having everything at hand (just put a lot of fx on top :)). I love the way you can manipulate the audio though warping the wave inside the waveform view in other daws. Wish Renoise will introduce some kind of wave stretch markers in the sample editor, even though the timestretch algo isn’t the best.


Yes, sample warping would be a big improvement inside renoise. I did a little video on a workable method using rubber band aid within renoise here:

It’s not suuuper flexible, but is great for correcting timing on vox and breaks


If it counts, using granular samplers and a tight grain window can be the next-best ‘sample-stretching’ technique aside from your favorite Zplane-powered DAW tools. Falcon is a bit of a beast for this, same with Granulator II for Live, The Mangle, and even creating / triggering your own grain buffers in PD or a modular environment can give you similar results.

Here’s one I made recently just for fun, but it kind of mimics Emergence in a way:

Mine doesn’t have really tight grains in this particular example, but I’d like to make one like that inspired by this thread for sure.

Also, IIRC Zplane also creates VSTs similar to the warp modes that they make for DAWs. That could be worth looking into as well, if you want standalone versions!