Do You Use MIDI-Equipment ?

Just wanted to know how much people do use the MIDI-features of Renoise …

I love to tweak my knobs and I play lines on the keyboard (and either record it into the pattern or record it to wav, chop it up and use it as my own sample, depends on what I am doing).

I mostly use my MIDI keyboard for stepwise notes and wheels recording, and sometimes also use its 2 faders for live recording.

Most notes I add are done step-wise with a MIDI keyboard. Sometimes I use the knobs / pitch bend / mod wheel. Then on very rare occasions I play live, partly because I suck at it and partly because I don’t like the way Renoise inputs notes live.

I do 99% of stuff directly on the pc keyboard. But I do also have an Oxygen 8 midi keyboard which I play around on some days, when I want to try and build ideas using velocity-sensitive VSTs. But once I’ve got the idea, I usually go back to input notes via pc keyboard. :)

Hard to break old habits I guess.

Right hand on the cursor keys (and on numpad 0, which is set to smart note-off on my binding), left one on da midi-keyboard and I insert note-by-note. Call it stepwise.

Hi, im using both step-wise (pc keyboard) and live to enter my notes (Evolution MK249C).

I also dont like how live notes are recorded like Johan said.
(im not that good but live recording without quantize is almost impossible me thinkz…)
most of the time i have to re-edit the live notes i played but than it also
sounds…uhm…bland…daft…not live anymore…

There is one thing that id like to see added to Renoise, live recording of my notes (with MK249C) on 2, 4, 8, etc. steps only!!
So when i start recording, whatever random notes (even chords) i play should be placed only in one row only, beneath eachother at given interfall.

whatever i hit on my midi-keyboard it should always look like this… (with pattern running and recording) :






so i guess this is a new feature request… …or is this allready possible?..

this function has been in most other trackers and i dearly miss it in Renoise.

thnx ya’ll :)


I use the PC-keyboard for inserting notes, actually I never do live recording…

I use my midi keyboard to enter notes live, which wouldn’t be possible without the use of “record note delays”. It does catch sloppy playing really easily, so it often requires a few takes. I love the ability to use midi input with renoise! :) It’s what got me into using trackers again.

Edit–addition: If the latancy is more than around 50ms, live entry is not really a feasable option. The use of asio is a wonderful thing.

I have a Evolution MK-249C2
Right now I probably do

42,5% step recording with PC keyboard
42,5% Live recording with PC keyboard
7% Live recording with Midi keyboard
7% Step recording with Midi keyboard
1% Tweaks with midi keyboard

I can’t play a piano but I use it sometimes to get ideas and make chords that are hard to make on a PC keyboard.
I use it sometimes to record live and sometimes steprecord with it to get velocity.
I also rarly use it for automations.

But right now its to far away from my computer and Renoise, and as you can’t start the recording from the midi keyboard I mainly use the PC keyboard both for live recording and step recording.
I miss quantsize too.

I think the PC keyboard is a ok instrument but could be a good instrument if it only allowed n-keys to be pressed and had pressure sensitivity.

What is it about the way you don’t like how Renoise inputs live notes?

I have always tracked step by step on my computer keyboard… But next week i should receive my Evolution MK-461C MIDI keyboard… Will see how useful it will be to me :)

The two most annoying things with computer keyboard is the chord thing and of course the small range and layout of the keys…

so… is it? :)


Dunno… :) I was sure it is possible… but now that you ask makes me wonder… :unsure:

in short words :

‘Editstep’ should also function when the pattern is running and recording.

anyone? is this possible?



oh, you mean that… I thought that you mean when pattern is not “running”

But why do you wanna use “editstep” when pattern is running? that doesn’t make sense to me… :unsure:

Usually I try to real-time-edit… Works good, in most ways…

The drums and beat is created with my PC-keyboard… like most trackers do… FX, panning, codes, and other magic tricks …all done with the powerfull pc-keyboard.

Since everybody finds it so damn importortant to hear a melody in a song <_< I recently bought my midi controller M-audio e-keys49 to create the melodic part of a production…

|The midi controller works fine for me because i took music lessons (keyboard, guitar, bass) when i was a kid… so i know more then the basics. :guitar:
Thats why record real-time… and editing (timing, codes, magic tricks) again with the pc-keyboard