Do You Use Numpad Keys?

I was just wondering how many ppl actually use the numpad 1-8 keys.
Such easy accessable keys should be used to other/new features?

I re-mapped the numpad (nearly the whole Renoise keymap ;) )


6/4 _____ next/prev track-column
8/2 _____ up/down - select instruments

+/- _____ (in combination with other keys) transposing the notes of columns/tracks up and down

so i can answer YES - but i can’t vote! B)

I mostly use LSHIFT+arrows to change the current instrument, but it is not listed in the poll :unsure:

Ah! My bad! :blink:

And some ppl use shift+enter to capture instrument? :rolleyes:

Hum… is it possible tof delete polls?

Anyways… I was wondering how many really used the numpad 1-8.
So maybe you can vote on one of the others? ;)

I cannot edit the polls, so I’ve voted the last option

lshift + arrows here too.

on my thinkpad theres a key combination to use a certain area of keys as a num pad but i never use it. even when i was using renoise on my desktop i wouldnt ever use the numpad because i use alot more samples than the keys provide.
so when i learned of the autocapture instrument i became reliant upon it auto selecting the closest instrument.

When I’m on the keyboard (80% of the time) it’s numpad’s +/-, otherwise I use the mouse. I almost never use the numbers on the numpad. I think renoise developers shouldn’t do any drastic changes to keymaps, because there are always people that like the current mapping. As long as there’s option to remap the keys, I’m happy. It would be really nice to be able to export/import keymapping though.

in your “application data” folder, there is a file named KeyboardBinding.xml which contains the keymap.

If you don’t know where that fodler is, perform a search over the entire system disk.

I remapped some of my numpad keys to do some of the commands that usually requires shift/ctrl/alt/option/command/fn combos. Finger twister isn’t much fun when doing live stuff.

Same here

Shift + Arrows here, too

i use mouse, sometimes LShift+arrows…

Half the time mouse roll, other half shift+up/down.

Hm, maybe I should rebind those nums… :)

i use shift as well

teh mousewheel :yeah:

I love Renoise for that, I use it on everything like moving trhu samples, instruments, changing the highlighted track, moving through patterns etc.
I’d be nowhere if my mouse didnt have a wheel (i love it :yeah: )
i love it.

SUGGESTION: wouldnt it be great if you could zoom in and out with the mousewheel (i love it :yeah: ) in the pattern editor when holding the cursor in a certain area??

When (or if) renoise gets tickless, this should be a realistic idea. Would love it to tiny bits and pieces myself!!! :D

Thanks It-Alien! :D

Well, just voted for mouse, seems like the majority. I would prefer to use them as track on/offs to be honest. I always used those in MED and it was great for live mixing & helps to inspire structural ideas.

Configuration was as follows:

numlock - track one toggle
/ - track 2

    • track 3
    • track 4
      7 - track 5
      8 - track 6
      9 - track 9

oops, forgot I used an amiga keyboard, man that “+” key is too big anyhoo!

well, i’m sure you get the idea :blink:

I’ve always used left shift and arrows… didn’t even knew about the numpad. It’s not a poll option though…