do you want to make some jazz with renoise

i’ve find some cool soundfont but i can’t open them since i’m on osx

can somebody put them in xrni there on on the download page


i’ve some trouble opening it with polysone

do you have the same ?

Do U have the #key for entering the Land of Oz?

I don’t like the sound of each note having the same intonation like you can hear in the demos. more complex stuff always sounds like a shitty imitation with such instruments. maybe a round robin version extracted from longer solo phrase recordings could sound better.

but I once dug in some old piano sountfonts that were sfarked, you need to compile/get the program “sfarkxtc” that is linked from your link, then you can convert the files to normal, uncompressed soundfonts. In ubuntu you can just install the tools from the repositories. The programs can be compiled for mac, too, I believe.

edit: sorry, I see you that you have the answer.

i dunno i to do to it. i’ve search quite a lot but it seems like a pain in osx

can somebody with window do it ?

i will put them in the download page

I got them uncompressed with the sfark tool via wine. as well sfarkxtc as the “polyphone” soundfont editor couldn’t open them, well the original windows tool exe linked in your 2nd link worked with wine for uncompressing the files. For each I had to OK a license aggreement that I wouldn’t distribute the instruments, just saying as you plan to upload them.

I tried the acousticbass and altosax instruments converted to sfz loaded into renoise. Sounds are very shitty, mono, no variation, clean though. very little multisamples. Its not worth it bro, sounds cheaper than your $35 uncle’s 80s casio keyboard. Was seriously wasted time.