Do You Want To Try The Not Yet Released Mtv Mobile Quiz Game?

Edit: Getting the full version wont work yet. So ignore trying to get the full version, it might start workin on monday-tuesday next week.

A call for some help from you who have a mobilephone with atleast a colorscreen.

This is not a spam and I hope it´s ok with the Renoise team.

I think it should considering I put the Renoise logo in a game that comes with some Nokia phones :)


The company I work at have developed a quiz game for MTV and also a free demo of the game, to try before you buy.

This game is not officially released yet (You can be the first to try this game outside my company.) but will be in a week or two so its almost final. MTV are going to have a competition based on this Quiz game in which you can win tickets to the MTV European music awards.

But we really would appriciate any help testing if the download funtionality works.

So it would be very nice if you help testing if you can download the demo.

To get the demo you send an sms with the word: mtvdemo
To the appropriate number shown below, its free, well it costs like a ordinary sms.

Then you should get a reply on how to download the demo, and if your phone supports it, a wap-link. please follow the instructions, and download the demo.

If you want to help even more and test the functionallity and the full game I´m sorry to say that you will have to try and buy the game.

When in the demo choose any option that is marked [blocked] and then choose “buy” from the left soft key to obtain the full version. note! This costs ca 4.50 euro so you really don’t need to do it.

In this version you can’t upload you highscore, that is a bug.

But if you buy the game I can get you the full version in which uploading the highscore works.
But then I need your phone number and what country your from.

The same procedure will be repeated, where you get sms instructions on how to download the full version. please follow these instructions.

Another way to buy the full version is by directly sending an sms with mtvema to the apropriate number shown below- So if you decide to test and buy the game you can chose any which way to do it.

I would love to here any feedback
especially if something goes wrong and any error messages.
Though I don’t think there should be many bugs.
But for it to be of any use I need your phone brand and model.












I’d like to test, but are you sure the Norwegian number is correct? I get an error message every time I try it.

You are right, the correct number for Norway should be.


The Norwegian number is for people from Spain.

The rest of the numbers are correct atleast that is what the producer who gave me the wrong numbers says.